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Урок английского языка по теме "Экскурсия по Лондону". 5-й класс
Гуцал Елена Анатольевна, учитель иностранного языка

Тип урока: урок обобщения и систематизации знаний по теме
Познавательный аспект – знакомство со столицей Великобритании, ее достопримечательностями.
Развивающий аспект – развитие способности к догадке, коммуникабельности, способность осуществлять репродуктивные и продуктивные речевые действия.
Воспитательный аспект – воспитание уважительного, толерантного отношения к иноязычной культуре.
Повторить и закрепить лексику по теме;
Отработка фонетических навыков;
Развить навыки чтения, письма и говорения по теме;
Развить языковую догадку с использованием ИКТ на уроке;
Повысить интерес к изучению английского языка при помощи использования мобильного класса на уроке.
Оборудование: медиапроектор, компьютер, экран, картинки «Достопримечательности Лондона», мультимедийная презентация, раздаточный материалХод урока
1. Организационный момент.
- Good morning, children!
- Good morning!
- I’m glad to see you.
- We are glad to see you too.
- Today we have an unusual lesson, we have guests at our lesson.
2. Фонетическая зарядка.
First let’s work at our pronunciation. Repeat after me:
[eI] – place, name, coronation, great, take
[ju:] – museum, new, beautiful
[a:] – park, far, car
[æ] – capital, travel, gallery
3. Речевая разминка. (cлайд №2)
- Look at the map! This wonderful country has many different names: Great Britain, The UK or just Britain. But it has the official name. Could you name it? What is the official name of this country?
- The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Nothern Ireland.
- What is the capital of the UK? (cлайд №3)
- The capital of the UK is London.
- What do you imagine when you think of London? (cлайд №4)
- When I think of London I imagine (cлайд №5): Queen Elisabeth II, Buckingham Palace, the residence of the queen and royal family in London, Big Ben, the Tower of London, Tower Bridge, Westminster Abbey, the Houses of Parliament, St Paul’s Cathedral.
- Would you like to go to London? Why? (cлайд №6)
- I would like to go to London to: (cлайд №7)
- Look at the map, at this red double-decker bus. What do you think is the theme of our lesson? (cлайд №8)
- The theme of the lesson is a tour around London.
4. Актуализация знаний.
- You are right. The theme of our lesson is London sightseeing tour. (cлайд №9). Last lessons we went to London. London is the capital of Great Britain. (cлайд №10) We’ll visit some places of interest on a red double-decker bus. It is waiting for you. The bus will stop at the stations let’s speak about them when the bus is coming up.(cлайд №11) As you know London is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It has a lot of interesting historical and modern places to visit. Today we are going to visit some interesting places in London. You can see these places, read and listen to the information about them. And can do some tasks. But first let’s see what you know about London.
What do you know about London? Agree or disagree. (cлайд №12) Correct the wrong sentences.
(cлайд №13) Дети читают предложения и исправляют неправильные:
London is small.
It stands on the river Thames.
The Romans built a town on the River Thames.
The first name of the town was Londinium.
The Tower of London was a museum.
The Queen of England lives in White Tower.
Big Ben is a church.
London is a capital of England.
5. Работа по теме урока.
- You’ll see a clip about London and try to hear and understand what sights you see. Then name them. Уч-ся смотрят фильм о достопримечательностях Лондона и после просмотра называют те, которые увидели.
- You saw a clip about some places of interest of London. And now listen to my stories and try to guess what sight it is. (Учитель предлагает учащимся прослушать 4 текста и угадать различные достопримечательности Лондона) (cлайд №14)
1) The city’s greatest monument, it was built by Christopher Wren. It is one of Europe’s largest cathedrals and it is second in size only to St. Peter’s in Rome. On the top of the dome you have a magnificent view over the City. It was the site of a number of important historic events such as the funeral of Winston Churchill in 1965. Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer married here in 1981.
2) It stands near the Houses of Parliament. It is really a bell. It has a deep tone and you can hear it on the radio. It is a famous clock.
3) It is very old. It has a long and cruel history. You can see it from the river Thames. It is not just one building. Many years ago the Kings and Queens of Britain lived in this place.
4) It is the geographical centre of London. In the middle of it there is a very famous monument Nelson’s Column with the statue of Lord Nelson on the top. It has become famous as a point for all kinds of demonstrations, marches and political meetings.
Работа с карточками.
- Read the letter and put down the names of the places of interest. You’ll have two minutes to do the task. (Учитель раздаёт листочки с письмом. Учащиеся должны вставить в текст письма названия достопримечательностей. Затем уч-ся осуществляют взаимопроверку и сверяют задание с правильным вариантом (cлайд №15).
Монологическая речь уч-ся (проверка домашнего задания)
- What places of interest would you like to visit? Speak about them and show your pictures, please. (Уч-ся рассказывают о достопримечательностях Лондона, которые хотели бы посетить, показывают свои иллюстрации).
6. Домашнее задание.
Your home task is to make a project (cлайд №16).
Use: http://www.tourism-london.ru http://www.lovelylanguage.ruПодведение итогов урока.
What are your emotions today? Choose one statement and say it. (cлайд №17).
- Our lesson was good. - I worked badly.
- I was a very good pupil! - My mood is bad. - My mood is excellent! - My knowledge is bad.
- I am a happy person. - The theme was not interesting for me.
- I could help my friends. - I have negative emotions.
Учащиеся оценивают свою работу на уроке, опираясь на данные выражения.

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