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The Great Patriotic War On May 9, 2010 all progressive people in the world celebrated the 65th anniversary of the Great Victory. May 9, Victory Day is one of the most important holidays in our country. It is also a great holiday for all the countries which fought in the Second World War against fascism. Russian people won the Great Patriotic War against a powerful enemy, Nazi Germany, because they were fighting a just war to liberate their own country. In 1941 the Nazis reached the outskirts of Moscow. The Red Army troops marched through the Red Square on the 7 of November on their way to the front. Thanks to the bravery of the army at the front, the partisans and the heroic labour of the country the Nazis were stopped near Moscow. Everybody knows the words of political instructor Klochkov: “Russia is immense, but there is nowhere to retreat. Moscow is at our backs”. 900 days and nights lasted the blockade of Leningrad. These days were unforgettable. The city was cut off from the rest of the country. Thousands of people died of hunger and cold. The only link with the rest of the country was “The Road of Life” across the ice of Lake Ladoga. We should never forget those who gave their lives for our Motherland

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