Возвратные местоимения упражнения

1. Fill the gaps with personal or reflexive pronouns.
1 . He is quit right, I agree with … completely.2 . I looked at … in the mirror and left the house in a very good mood.3 . “Who is it?” — “It’s … may I come in?”4 . Mr. Lloyds is very fat … weighs over a hundred kilos?5 . … introduced his wife to the quests.6 . Where shall … meet, Bob?7 . James took the book and opened ….8 . We don’t dress … for dinner here.9 . I taught … to play the quitar.10 . Selfish people only care about …
Правильные ответы:
1. him | 2. myself | 3. me | 4. he | 5. he | 6. we | 7. it | 8. ourselves | 9. myself | 10. Themselves
2. Дано предложение на русском языке:Я посмотрел на себя в зеркалоНеобходимо сделать следующее:1. Перевести предложение на английский язык2. Проспряграть его с различными лицами (используя при этом также различные возвратные местоимения)
Ответы к упражнениюI looked at myself in the mirrorHe looked at himselff in the mirrorShe looked at herself in the mirrorIt looked at itself in the mirrorYou looked at yourself in the mirror (единственное число)We looked at ourselves in the mirrorThey looked at themselves in the mirrorYou looked at yourselves in the mirror (множественное число)
3. Fill the gaps with reflexive pronouns.
1. He wants to drive the car himself.
2. The children want to read the book themselves.
3. Helen and Jane, do you want to wash dishes yourselves?
4. Henry, do you want to repair the radio yourself?
5. We can install this program ourselves.
6. They can not do it themselves.
7. She likes to make cakes herself.
8. I’m going to cook dinner myself.
himself. 2. themselves. 3. Yourselves 4. Yourself 5. ourselves. 6. themselves. 7. Herself 8. myself.

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