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Урок -- КВН «Новый год в разных странах»
Ключевые слова: Holyday, Merry Christmas, New Year, Jungle Bells, I Wish I Were a Snowman, Traditions
Цели: обобщение изученного материала по теме «Новый год в разных странах», актуализация лексических навыков , тренировка навыков чтения и аудирования.
Оборудование: карточки с текстами “Merry Christmas” аудиозапись песни “Jungle Bells”, “I Wish I Were a Snowman”, 3 набора предложений (стихотворение, разрезанное по строчкам для конкурса 5; задание на карточках для конкурса 1 )
Ход урока.
T:-- Good morning, boys and girls! I am glad to see you. Today we’ll find out how people celebrate the New Year in different countries. I want you to divide you in three teams and then we start our work.
Учитель приветствует детей и сообщает им о проведении необычного урока – урока КВТ и предлагает поделиться на три команды. Учащиеся делятся на три команды для участия в конкурсах.
T: -- There will be three teams today. And two pupils or judges will help me to check up your answers. Let’s start our competition with the song “Jungle Bells”. Please, stand up and sing the song together! (Все участники исполняют песню)
Конкурс 1.
T: --Read the short text how people celebrate the New Year in different countries and choose the correct version.
Ученики выполняют первое задание и выбирают один вариант ответа.
T: Choose the correct version:
In this city a lot of people gather in Times Square and watch the “Big Apple” fall. The “Big Apple” isn’t a real apple. It’s moving picture of an apple on a side of one of the big buildings in Time Square. Every New Year’s Eve during the last few seconds before midnight it starts to “fall” down the building, and when it gets to the bottom it’s the start of the new year.
A) Madrid B) New York C) Moscow
In this country housewives start to cook special food for the New Year’s Day and the members of the families do a big cleaning up. The idea is to get rid of the past year dirt, and welcome the new. On the television or on the radio you can hear 108 bells. The 108th bell rings just a second before the midnight. The people say : “Happy New Year!” People eat special food and drink rice wine during the meal.
A) Japan B) Italy C) Canada
People call the New Year’s Eve “Hogmanay”. They visit their friends’ houses just after midnight on the New Year’s night. The first person who comes to the your house brings you luck. At midnight when the clock began to strike twelve, the head of the family goes to the entrance door, opens it wide and holds it until the last stroke. Then he shuts the door. He has let the old year out and let the New Year in.
A) The USA B) Scotland C) India
This country is sometimes called “the upside down world”. It lies in the South Hemisphere. During the Christmas holidays people often sunbathe on the beach or swim and surf in the ocean. On the 31st of December many people go to the country for picnic. In January the temperature ranges from 20 to 30 above zero or higher.
A) Egypt B) Ireland C) Australia
In this country it can be dangerous to have a walk at night at the end of December. People usually throw the old things through the window: broken cups, and plates, old clothes and boots and sometimes different pieces of furniture believe that at the New Year’s Eve the magician Befaniya comes to the house through the chimney and put the presents for the children in their stockings or shoes.
A) France B) Italy C) Germany
1. New York; 2. Japan; 3. Scotland; 4. Australia; 5. Italy
Конкурс 2.
T: -- Complete the text with the missing words:
Eve, boat, Bible, parade, gold, friend’s, their, lighted, any, first, sack, are, sing, parents, good, present, brings.
In Maxico, during the nine days before Christmas people visit their (1) ... houses in the evenings, carrying (2)... candles. They (3)... carols and knock at the door. At (4) ... they are not let in. This is one of the customs of the posada! Then they explain they are Mary and Joseph, (5)... of the Christchild. They (6) ...welcomed warmly.
In many European countries children receive (7)... from St. Nicolas on the 6th of December. In the Netherland he arrives in Amsterdam by (8)… , with his servant Black Peter, who carries a (9)… to take away (10)… children who have been naughty. He brings presents for the(11)… children.
In many ports of Spain and South America it isn’t father Christmas or St. Nicolas who (12)… the presents, but The Three Kings or Wise Men. They do it on the (13)… of the 6th of January. In Madrid there is a (14)… in the streets of the Three Kings riding their camels. This commemorates the visit of Melchior, Caspar and Balthuzar to the baby Jesus in Bethlehem, with (15)… gifts of (16)… and frankincense as described in the (17) …
friends’ 2) lighted 3) sing 4) first 5) parents 6) are 7) presents 8) boat 9) sack 10)those 11) good 12) brings 13) Eve 14) parade 15) their 16) gold 17) Bible
Конкурс 3.
Учитель привлекает внимание детей к слову “Congratulations” , заранее написанного на доске. Учащиеся составляют новые слова, используя буквы данного слова. На выполнение данного задания отводиться 3 минуты.
Конкурс 4.
T: -- Now you will listen to the song and write down the missing words on the cards. You will listen to twice. Be careful, please.
Команды получают карточки со словами песни, в которой пропущены некоторые слова. Задание для учащихся: прослушать запись и записать недостающие слова. После проверки данного задания учитель может предложить ученикам исполнить песню “I Wish I Were a Snowman” хором.
I wish I were ….,
So tall and white.
I’d never have to clean my ….,
Or go to bed at …. .
But …. Mister Snowman
Wishes he were me,
For I’ll be here when …. comes,
But where will the Snowman…. ?
I wish I were a Snowman,
So tall and white.
I”d never have to clean my teeth,
Or go to bed at night.
But maybe Mister Snowman
Wishes he were me,
For I’ll be here when summer comes,
But where will the Snowman be?
Конкурс 5.
T: -- It’s time for the last task now. I want you to put the words in the logical order and read the poem.
Каждая команда поучает набор предложений для составления стихотворения. После того как стихотворение будет составлено, его необходимо выразительно почитать.
Every little girl would like to be
The fairy on the Christmas tree.
Up above the party, dressed in white,
Shining in the candle light.
Every little boy has lots of fun
With his trumpet and his gun.
Every little girl, you understand,
Is really the queen of the fairy land.
There is a little secret she must keep
That she can fly when she’s asleep.
T: --That’ll do for today. You were active today. Now we shall decide who is winner of our competition today.
Учитель подводит итоги новогоднего марафона и поздравляет победителей (победителям вручаются небольшие новогодние сувениры).
Список используемой литературы:
Student’ s Book “English 6” , “Reader” авторы Верещагина И.Н., Афанасьева О.В., издательство «Просвещение» 2006г.
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