Времена 3

Simple (Indefinite) Progressive (Continuous) Perfect Prefect Progressive
значение Факт
When? Процесс
At what time? Предшествование
By what time? Предшествов+ процесс Since what time? How long?
Present период времени always, usually, often, seldom, every day (week, month, year) now, at the moment ever, never, just, already, not…yet,
by p.msince 3 p.m., for a long time, for a month ( a week, an hour, 2 days)
+ 120651460500 V1/ Vs-234951333500 am/is/are Ving-139701333500 have/has V3 /Ved -23495762000 have/has been Ving? 448310196850do/does V1 6718302159000am/is/are Ving5359401905000have/has V3 /Ved 5480051524000have/has been Ving- do/does not V1 10160241300 -23495190500 am/is/are not Ving-13970190500 have/has not V3 /Ved -23495317500 have/has not been VingPast период времени yesterday, last week, (month, year, summer, Monday), long ago yesterday at 3 p.m., yesterday from 6 till 7, when you came yesterday by 3 p.m., before some time in the past yesterday since 3 p.m., for some time in the past
+ 85725317500 V2 /Ved 3619569850was/were Vinghad V3 /Ved -698531750 had been Ving -20320107950
? 3956052032000did V1 6305551286300was/were Ving 32956557150had V3 /Ved had been Ving 295275133350
- 9461595250 did not V1 was/were not Ving 40005165100 had not V3 /Ved -6985133350 had not been Ving -1651095250
Future период времени tomorrow, next week, (month, year, summer, Monday) tomorrow at 3 p.m., tomorrow from 6 till 7, when you came tomorrow by 3 p.m., by some time in the future tomorrow since 3 p.m., for some time in the future
+ 209554064000shall/will V1 shall/will -247653937000be Ving shall/will -44453937000have V3 /Ved shall/will -44453937000have -101603937000been Ving? 5467062794000shall/will V1 63435163500shall/will be Ving 5338573175000shall/will have V3 /Ved 555123745800shall/will have been Ving
- shall/will not V110160215900 shall/will 01778000not be Ving-152401778000 shall/will not have V3 /Ved -209551778000 shall/will not have been Ving

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