Времена 5 в

Open the brackets. Use Present Continuous or  Present Simple.
I (to take) my sister to school now.
He (to help) his father now.
At the moment they (to go) to the river for a swim.
She (to play) the violin now.
I (to read) now.
He (to sleep) now.
We (to drink) tea now.
I (to take) her to school every day.
He (to help) his father very often.
They usually (to go) to the river for a swim.
She (to play) the violin every day.
I (to read) every day.
He (to sleep) every night.
We (to drink) tea every morning.
They (to go) to school now.
I (not to sleep) now.
She (not to drink) coffee now.
We (not to watch) TV now.
They (not to eat) now.
My mother (not to work) now.
You (to work) now?
He (to play) now?
They (to eat) now?
Your sister (to rest) now?
What you (to do) now?
What you (to read) now?
What they (to eat) now?
What your brother (to drink) now?
Everybody (to have) a good time now?
She (to take) medi-cine now?
Where they (to go) now?
They (to speak) English now?
They (to go) to school every morning.
I (not to sleep) in the day time.
She (not to drink) coffee after lunch.
We (not to watch) TV in the morning.
They (not to eat) at the lesson.
My mother (not to work) at an office.
You (to work) every day?
He (to play) in the afternoon?
They (to eat) at school?
Your sister (to rest) after school?
What you (to do) every morning?
What you (to read) after dinner?
What they (to eat) for breakfast?
What your brother (to drink) in the evening?
Everybody (to have) a good time every Saturday?
How often she (to take) medicine?
Where they (to go) on Sunday?
What language they usually (to speak)?

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