Времена года 32

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The presentation Whatever the weather… Read and guess the riddles. 2)This is the season when nights are short And children have plenty of fun and sport. Boating and swimming all day long Will make us well and strong. Summer 3)This is the season When days are cool, When we eat apples And go to school. Autumn 1)This is the season when birds make their nests. This is the season We all like best. Spring What season is this? It ‘s blue by night,by day it’s white. It is cold and not dry, It falls from the sky.What is it? 4)This is the season When mornings are dark And birds do not sing In the woods and the park. Winter Snow What is the weather like during the four seasons in Britain? I think spring summer autumn winter is hot sunny warm cloudy rainy cold windy cool foggy snowy wet What is the weather like in Tatarstan? It is a … weather

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