Времена года 5

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All the seasons are beautiful! winter There is four winter months in great Britain. November. In November there is great holiday in America-thanksgiving day .Families come together for the day. December. In December there is the greatest holiday of all in England - Christmas. People give each other presents and send Christmas cards. January. Its fun to see the New Year . There is a lot of dancing and eating. February. The 14th of February is St Valentine day. People make Valentine cards and send them to people they love. In winter there is a very snow. You can play snowballs, ski and sledge. spring There is only two spring months in great Britain-march and April. The 17th of march is a national holiday in Ireland-St Patrick's day. On that day people wear a shamrock. In March there also a holiday for English women-mothers day. April. In April or at the and of March English people celebrate Easter day. In April there is a day for fun-April fools day. Children are very like this holiday. They play jokes. In spring nature is return. There are green leaves and birds are coming. summer There is four summer months in great Britain. In may on the first Monday English people celebrate the May day holiday. In summer pupils have long day off. At this time You can doing what you want- you can play games, swim and doing some things. “winter, spring, summer, fail,I like summer best off all!” autumn There is three autumn months in Russia, but in great Britain there is only two autumn months. Leaves are yellow, red and orange. There is are very beautiful in autumn . In great Britain children are celebrate Halloween. The go to homes and says: trick or treat! In the first autumn month pupils are going to school.

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