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ProjectTopic: “Weather” Plan: 1. Winter 2. Spring 3. Summer 4. Autumn Winter. Winter is the first season of the year. Winter moths are: December, January and February. Winter days are short but nights are long. The weather in winter is cold. It often snows. Winter is the coldest season of the year. The sky is gray. Sometimes the weather is pleasant. It often snows. Some people like when it snows. There are much snow on the ground. The snow is clean and white. The ground is all white with snow. It is pleasant to walk when it is not very cold and it snows. Children go to school. In January they have winter holidays. Spring.Spring is the second season of the year. spring moths are: March, April and May. spring days become longer and longer but nights become shorter and shorter.It is very nice in spring. The sky is often blue. The sun shines brightly in the sky.It is warm. It sometimes rains, but the rain is warm and pleasant.There are much work to do in the fields. Sometimes people are busy from morning till night. We have some holidays in spring. They are: the Women’s Day on the 8th of March, the First of May and Victory Day on the 9th of May. Summer. Summer is the third season of the year. Summer moths are: June, July and August. Summer days are long but nights are short. The longest day of the year is the 22nd of June. Sometimes it rains. Summer is a pleasant season. There are a lot of fruit and vegetables at that time. Some people like summer. There are always much work there in this season. Summer is the warmest season of the year. Summer is as nice as spring. The sun shines brightly. It is warm and sometimes hot. It is warmer and hotter than in spring. Autumn After summer autumn comes. Autumn is the last seasons of the year. Autumn moths are: September, October and November. Autumn days become shorter and shorter but nights become longer and longer. Autumn is not so warm as summer. it often rains or snows. The weather is not as pleasant as in spring and in summer. It often rains. The rain is cold and not pleasant at all. Autumn is the season of fruit and vegetables. In September, the first autumn moth, the school year begins in our country. November is the coldest moth in autumn. It sometimes rains and it often snows.

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