Времена года мицрософт поwерпоинт

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Seasons guide Winter Months are December, January and February.It is usually cold and snowy in winter. Everything is white. All people celebrate many holidays in winter, such as new year, Christmas, st. valentine s day.Symbols of new year are santa claus or granpa frost and Christmas tree. Spring months are Marh, April and May. The sun shines brightly. The days become longer and the nights shorter. Summer is the hottest season. The sun is bright and hot in the blue sky. There are a lot of beautiful flowers, green grass and trees everywhere. The birds sing their songs and the air is full of freshness. The “Golden Autumn” is really beautiful with its yellow, red and brown trees and golden leaves falling down. It is rather difficult to sayWhat season is the best one.But we must be thankful togetherwhatever the weather.

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