My favourite painting.
I’d like to introduce you my favorite painting “Pan” by M.A.Vrubel. It was created in 1899. It is said that he did his painting after reading of the story of Anatole France "Holy Satyr." And at first he named his work "Satyr". The Hellenic goat-footed god and the russian goblinare are joined in this work of art. Where did Vrubel take this appearance: a bald head, a blue-eyed face, overgrown with wild curls? The contemporaries can not guess who is the prototype of this character. Pan comes from Greek mythology
Pan was a Greek god of cattle breeding , wildlife and fertility . Pan was the son of Hermes and Orsinoy. He was born with goat legs, a long beard and horns and immediately after birthhe began to jump and laugh. Frightened by unusual appearance and character of the child, his mother left him, but Hermes, wrapped him in rabbit skins and carried him to Olympus. The child cheered all the gods and especially Dionysus and the gods have called him Pan, as he brought them (Greek πάς, «all») great joy.
It’s quite unexpected to see him in our traditional Russian landscape. In this picture we can see mysterious birches banding down against the sunset. Here is an old, tired man, whose eyes are shrilling and capturing. He is sitting on the ground holding his syringes (flute). This instrument is a part of his soul and it’s always in his hands.
I think this painting is so comprehensive and charming that everybody can see something in it for himself.

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