Великие путешественники 2

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I’d like to say about wonderful travells about Ibn BatutaWonderful travells about Ibn Batuta. Ibn Batuta was born in Morocco in 1304.When he was twenty-one, he decided to go on a pilgrimage to Mecca. This is Ibn Batuta.This is greatest traveller. Snowy forest to Russia.He travelled north through snowy to Russia.While he was travelling he saw many wonderful places. Himalaya Mountains.Then he crossed the Himalaya Mountains. Long stay in India.Ibn Batuta went to India and stayed there for eight years. Oh,no!There was a terrible storm!Next he decided to sail to the east-to China. Ibn Batuta set out with a fleet of boats but there was a terrible storm and all the boats sank. So, he reached China!Ibn Batuta set out again and reached China in 1344. Ibn Batuta crossed the Sahara Desert! He reached Timbuktu in Mali.He crossed the Sahara Desert! He died in 1368…Ibn Batuta died in 1368.He was one of the greatest Arab travellers and he also wrote many books about his journey around the world.

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