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Krutovskaya schoolThe United Kingdomof Great Britainand Northern Ireland Has execuedThe student 9 classesLoboda VladislavHas checked upThe teacher of England languageFedorus S.V.2012 CAPITALThe capital of the Great Britain is London MOUNTAINSIf we look at the map, we can see theLowlands and the highlands.The highest peak is Ben Nevis LAKE AND RIVERS The longest river is the Severen,354 kilometres The largest lake is Lough Neagh inNothern Ireland,382 square kilometres PARTS 4 historic parts:England, Scotland,Wales and NorthernIreland FLORAL SYMBOL OF ENGLANDRed Rose The war for the throne betweenThe Lancasrians and the Yorkists became knownIn the history of theCountry as the WarOf the Red and White Rose.It lasted 30 years (1455-1485).When the Lancastrians won the war,Their arms of the Red Rose becameThe symbol of the whole England. FLORAL SYMBOL OF SCOTLANDThistle The skottish symbolis a wild plantCalled the Thistle. At one point, The Scandive planned toAttack a Scottish village. FLORAL SYMBOL OF WALESLeek The patron saint ofWales, David, ateOnly leeks and bread.In memory of this Christian saint,The leek becameThe symbol Wales.Daffodils which burstInto flames by the 1st Of March celebrateThe revered Welsh saint. FLORAL SYMBOL OF NORTHERN IRELANDShamrock and Harp This plant helped St PatrickExplain to the peopleOf his country what theHoly Trinity is.The historic colours of theParts are: England, WHITE,Scotland, BLUE, Wales, RED,Norhern Ireland, GREEN.Sport teams of the nationsWear these colours. FLAGThe Union Jack is combination of the crosses of three patron saints of the country:the red cross of Saint GEORGE for England on a whiti background;the white diagonal cross of Saint ANDREW for Scotland on a blue background;the red diagonal cross of Saint PATRICK for Ireland on a white background. EMBLEMThe State Emblem of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland shows the union of its four parts: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.The two emblems of English lions symbolise the leading role of England in this union. The SHIELD is supported by two mythic animals: the ENGLISH LION and SCOTTISH UNICORN. The emblem is headed with a crowned lion, the symbol of power and might. Below the emblem, there are floral symbol of the four parts of the country. POPULATION Population of Great Britain consist 59 million

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