Здоровая пишча 1

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Текстовое содержимое слайдов:

Учитель ГБОУ СОШ № 629 г. Москвы Баева М.Л.Здоровое питание Guess the topic of the lessonLook at the pictures and The Objective To learn more about how to be healthierTo learn more words in the topicTo make a menuTo learn the songTo have pleasure Task 1Listen to the song and chose the best title:a)I’m Active And Happy Today.b)I Ate Too Much Turkey.c) I Like Thanksgiving Day. Task 22. Try to remember some words on the topic “Food” from the song. Task 33. Match the pictures and the words. Task 44. Listen to the song again and fill in the gaps. I ate too much ___________,I ate too much _______,I ate too much ________ and _______,I’m stuffed up with ______ and much too much stuffin’,I’m probably going to die.I piled up my plateand I ate and I ate,but I wish I had known when to stop,for I’m so scrammed with yams,______, ______, and _______that my buttons are starting to pop.I’m full of ______and ________________,my stomach is swollen and sore,but there’s still some dessert,I guess it won’t hurtif I eat just a little bit more.     Task 55. Check up your friend’s work. Answer the questions:1. Who could be the narrator of the story?2. How did he/she feel that day?3. What was wrong with him/her?4. Did he/she control his appetite?5. What is the best way to control your appetite? Task 66. Write your menu for tomorrow. HOMEWORK:Learn the song.

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