Здоровый образ жизни 6 класс

План проведения урока составлен учителем английского языка
МБОУ СОШ № 127 г.о. Самара
Осиповой Екатериной Геннадьевной
Учитель: Осипова Е.Г.
Предмет: английский язык
Класс: 6
Раздел: «Здоровье»
Тема: Здоровый образ жизни
Тип урока: обобщающий
Учебно-методическое обеспечение: Английский язык. 6 класс. В.П. Кузовлев, Н.М.Лапа, Э.Ш. Перегудова и др.). – М.: Просвещение, 2014.
Оборудование и материалы для урока: MP3 проигрыватель, проектор, экран, Power Point презентация, раздаточный материал по теме, учебник, рабочая тетрадь..
Время реализации: 40 минут
Формы обучения: коллективная, групповая, индивидуальная
Цель урока: повторить и закрепить изученный по теме лексико - грамматический материал.
Организационный момент. Мотивация. Приветствует учеников и гостей. Мотивирует на успешную работу на уроке.
Beginning of the lesson.
Teacher: Good morning! I am very glad to see you and hope that you are ready for the lesson. How are you today?
P.: I am fine, thank you!
Teacher: I am very glad you are fine today. On your desks you can see pictures of different moods. Choose and tick one which really shows how you are felling at the moment. Отметить настроение)
Introduction of the lesson:
In a good mood we start our unusual lesson.
Определение темы урока и ее актуальности для учащихся.
Учитель стремиться создать ситуацию успеха, предлагая обучающимся вывести тему урока и цель, ориентируясь на картинки и слова на доске.
СЛАЙД 1 But what is the topic of our lesson? Let’s guess! Look at the pictures and say what it is. The first letter of each word is the letter of the topic.
Who wants to go to the board?
(Учитель показывает картинки: house, elephant, apple, lamp, table, hat.)
Right you are.
So, today we are going to speak about health, health care, and healthy food. There are a lot of proverbs about health. Do you know one of them?
P: An apple a day keeps a doctor away.
What does it mean? Can you explain it? (Объясняют)
Do you know the Russian equivalent of this proverb? Do you know the meaning of the word Equivalent? – равный по значению
Лук от семи недуг. Лук семь недугов лечит, а чеснок семь недугов изводит.
CЛАЙД 3 Look at the screen. There are a lot of English proverbs and sayings about health.
Match the English proverb with the Russian equivalent. You have 1 minute to do this task.
Are you ready? Let s check.
Health is above wealth В здоровом теле – здоровый дух
Early to bed, early to rise keeps a man healthy, wealthy and wise Лучший отдых — смена деятельности
You are what you eat. Держи голову в холоде, а ноги в тепле
A change is as good as a rest Здоровье дороже богатства
A sound mind in a sound body. Скажи мне, что ты ешь, и я скажу, кто ты
Dry feet, warm head bring safe to bed Кто рано встает, тому бог подает.
Well done!
Now answer  my questions, please.
Do you care about your health?
Do you want to be healthy?
Do you like to go to the hospital? Why/why not?Do you often visit doctors?
When do you usually go to the doctor?
СЛАЙДЫ 4-5 Let’s remember what illnesses you know. Look at the screen.Name them.
Ответы учеников: a cold, the flu, a cough, a headache, toothache, a burn, a sore throat, a broken arm, a broken leg.
You are right.
СЛАЙД 6 Now tell me, please, which remedy is good for which illness. There is an example at the screen. Make as many sentences as you can. You have only one minute to do this task.
remedy/ medicine illness/ health problem
Baking soda
Raspberry jam
Herbal tea
Cranberry jam and drinks
a sore throat
a cough
a small cut
a broken leg
a broken arm
a cold
a headache
the flu
Remedy illness
……………………………………is good for…………………………………..
Ученики составляют предложения : Baking soda is good for a sore throat. Etc.
Учитель: Well done. Thank you, children.
СЛАЙД 7 Children, I’m sure you know a lot of words connected with our topic “Health”. Look at the screen and try to give definitions of the following words. (На экране появляется изображение поликлиники, врача, скорой помощи, лекарства, рецепта и т.д.)
P1: The first picture. What is it? Hospital is a place where we get medical help.
P2: What is he? A doctor is a person who gives us medical help.
P3: What is it? An ambulance is a car that takes a patient to the hospital.
P4: What are these? Pills are small round things that we take to recover.
P5: What is it? A prescription is a sheet of paper with the help of which we take medicine at the chemist’s.
СЛАЙД 8 Let’s imagine. You have got a friend who has a health problem. Your task is to give advice to your friend. Use the phrases from the table and make up the sentences. You have 2 minutes to do this task.
Составление условных предложений: назвать проблему и дать совет.
If you ‘ve got flu
If you’ve got a cold
If you’ve got a cough
If you’ve got a burn
If you’ve got a cut
If you’ve got toothache
If you’ve got a sore throat
If you’ve cut your finger
If you’ve burnt your arm
If you’ve broken your leg
If you’ve broken your arm you should
you shouldn’t stay in bed and keep warm
drink hot milk with baking soda and honey
go out
have X-ray
take tablets and drink much water
visit a dentist
put a plaster on it
put a bandage on it
put your arm under cold water
drink hot herbal tea
drink tea with raspberry jam
eat onion and garlic
drink tea with cranberry jam
eat ice-cream and drink cold water
Teacher: Well done! I see you can give good advice to your friend.
And I also see that you are a bit tired. Let’s do some exercises in order to relax. VASYA? Can you help me?
Физкульт минуткаСЛАЙД 8 Now look at the screen. This is Harry. He is 25. He is an economist.
Let’s read the text about him. Decide if Harry is for or against healthy lifestyle.
You have one minute to look through the text.
Are you ready? Who wants to begin reading?
Знакомятся с текстами и выбирают нужную информацию. Работают в группах. Открытие нового знания. Развитие умения монологической речи. Дает установку на прослушивание информации всеми учащимися. Организует обсуждение
Hello. My name is Harry. Not long ago I decided to lead healthy life. Let me tell you something about it. I don’t get up very early but I begin my day with exercises. I go out and run about my house twenty times. Then I get hungry and have breakfast. I have a big glass of orange juice and then a cup of tea. At about one I have my lunch. At lunch I eat a lot of vegetables: cabbage, carrots, peas, fresh cucumbers, a piece of bread and a cup of tea without sugar, of course. Sometimes I don’t have any lunch but it is not healthy at all. It happens when I am busy in the city. I don’t like to eat in restaurants. I sometimes have dinner in the evening when I am hungry or when I have guests (гости) at home. I don’t like to have guests because we usually eat a lot of meat and fish and other heavy things which don’t help you to be healthy. My motto (девиз) is “eat to live, but not live to eat.”
What is the man’s name?
Does Harry lead healthy life?
How much times does Harry run about the house?
What does Harry eat to be healthy?
Where doesn’t Harry like to eat?
Why doesn’t Harry like to have guests at home?
What is Harry’s motto?
What about you? Are you healthy kids?
Ps I think I am a healthy kid because I …..
Teacher: Now it is time for drama.
One of you will be a person with a health problem.
The second one will be his or her friend.
The third one will be a doctor.
Your task is to make up dialogues between friends and between a doctor and a patient. These cards will help you to do this task.
Оценивание диалогов:
More then that, on your desks there are some cards with marks. Find them. You have to mark your classmates after each dialogue. The «5» means excellent, the «4» - good, the «3» - not good, the «2» - bad.
На ваших столах есть карточки с оценками. Найдите их. Ученики оценивают диалоги. (можно с помощью карточек.)
You have 2 minutes to prepare your dialogues.
Dialogue 1
a headache
I am running a temperature Dialogue 1
consult a pediatrician Dialogue 1
must be a cold
take aspirin
stay in bed
drink a lot of tea with lemon
Dialogue 2
a terrible toothache Dialogue 2
consult a dentist Dialogue 2
put a warm compress on take some medicine
give a prescription
Dialogue 3
a terrible stomachache
I am running a temperature
Dialogue 3
may be appendicitis
consult a surgeon Dialogue 3
must be appendicitis
mustn’t stay at home
go to the hospital and have a medical check
Well, let’s start. The first dialogue. Now your marks.The second dialogue. Now your marks.The third dialogue. Now your marks.Guess the riddles!
A little ball can reach the sky (an eye)
These two brothers live not very far apart;One of the left, one of the right;But they never see each other (ears)
It lives alone between two bright stars (a nose)
A thick forest which grows as fast as it is cut down (hair)
It always beats and hops,It never sleeps or stops:And never we part with our little …(heart)
I have got a magic square. The next task for you is to find 10 words on the topic «Health».
f h p l a s t e r
l a d
u e b a n d a g e
d n
a m b u l a n c t
c b ic h u l s
u e s u r g e o n t
t n g f h o p l a s t e r
l a p z x c v b n d
u e s b a n d a g e
g d d n m q w e r n
f a m b u l a n c t
j c f m b t y u iic h g f u k l u y s
u e s u r g e o n t
t o h l n t g r e a
Conclusion. Определение настроения в конце урока. Сравнение с началом урока . Подведение итогов урока .
Рефлексия Teacher: Take your pictures of different moods once more and choose and circle one which shows your mood at the moment. It’s time we finish our lesson. You’ve worked hard.
Your marks are///////
So, you see our health depends on us. We should care about our health.
Thank you for your work. Our lesson is over.

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