Входная диагностика в 5 классе к учебнику енjой енглиш

Выбери правильный вариант ответа.
The frogs … green.
is b) are c) have
… the dog big?
Is b) Are c) Have
When … they go to school? – On Monday.
are b) does c) do
Where are the … bags?
a) pupils' b)pupil c)pupils
Where are the…?
city b) children c) rabbit
We have got a cat? – … cat is black.
- b) The c) A
I have a friend. … name is Jack.
They b) He c) His
She … got a doll.
have b) has c) are
Do you take your pet for a walk every day? – Yes, I ….
dos b) does c) do
My friend … his pet for a walk every day.
a)take b) takes c)takeses … Jane do homework every day? –No, she ….
a)does, do b)does, doesn’t c)did, doesn’t
… Jane take her pet for a walk yesterday? – Yes, she ….
a)did, did b)does, didn’t c)did, didn’t
She … her pet for a walk two days ago.
a)takes b)took c)takedJane … take her pet for a walk tomorrow.
a)did b)shall c) will
They … their hands before lunch yesterday.
a) wash b)woughch c) washed
John is the … pupil in our school.
a) best b) good c)better
In the city houses are … then in the country.
big b) biger c) bigger
This book is … then that book.
a) more interesting b) interestinger c) interesting
It’s a pity I … not at this party last week.
am b) was c) were
There … so many strange people there the day before yesterday.
a) were b) was c) are
There are … people in the street.
- b) some c) any
Are there … people in the street?
- b) some c) any
The … lesson is English.
two b) twoth c) second

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