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Listening Послушайте текст и выберете вариант ответа.
Once upon a time there lived...а) two cats;b) three mice;с) two dogs;d) two mice;b) One of them lived…a) in a big country;b) in a small city;c) in a big city;d) in a small country.c) One day Maggy decided to visit…a) her mother;b) her friend;c) her teacher;d) her sister.d) There was... a) a little black cat in the house; b) a big black dog in the house; c) a big black cat in the house; d) a big white cat in the house. 
e) They decided to buy... a) a radio-set; b) an arm-chair; c) a TV-set; d) a sofa. 
Grammar and vocabulary
2). Вставь пропущенные слова is или are . Запиши предложения.
a) There_______ a big red carpet on my floor.
b) There ______ three windows in our living room.
c) There ______ a lot of books on the shelves.
d) There ______ a nice armchair in Tiny’s house.
e) There ______ no chairs in my bedroom.
3). Раскрой скобки. Поставь прилагательные в сравнительной или превосходной степени.
a) The desert is (big) than the field.
b) The road is (long) than the street.
c) The farm is (clean) in the city.
d) I like mountains (much) than fields.
e) The book is (interesting) than the film.
4). Напиши парами слова с противоположным значением.
country, hot, short, cold, happy, sunny, town, tall, rainy, sad
5). Напиши глаголы во второй форме. Ex: like-liked, speak-spoke
skate-do-6). Reading
My Family
My name is Polly. I am ten. I am a schoolgirl. I go to school. I like learning English and playing puzzles. I would like to tell you about my family. There are four of us.
I have got a mother. Her name is Jane. She is a teacher. She is very responsible and creative. She likes her work. Her hobbies are singing and shopping. My mother is fond of reading detective stories.
I have got a father. His name is Jack.  He is a doctor. He is clever and hardworking. My father likes playing golf. He goes in for sport to be healthy and strong. He is fond of fishing too.
My brother Nick is small. He is only four. He likes playing toys. Usually we get on well with him, but sometimes he is very naughty.
On Saturdays and Sundays we like to be together. Last Sunday we went to the country. We had a good rest.
Прочитай текст и запиши верны ли утверждения (T) или нет (F)
Polly has got a younger brother.
Her brother Nick is a student.
There are five people in Polly’s family.
Polly`s father is clever and hardworking..
Last Sunday Polly’s family went to the Zoo.

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