Входной контрол 4

Fill in with have got or can in affirmative or negative form
Вставьте have got или can в утвердительной или отрицательной форме
I ________________ swim and dance. I _____________ ride a bike, too.
I ______________ a very nice bike. But I ________________ a car so
I ___________________ drive a car. I ______________ fly but I ______________
run and jump. I _______________ many toys and I _____________ play with them.Fill in with have or has
Вставьте have или has
The cats _____________ got long tails.
Jim and his friend ______________got a toy car.
I ________________ a big family.
___________ your brother got straight hair?
My Mum _______________ got blue eyes.
Put the verbs into Present Continuous
Напишите глаголы в Present Continuous
He _______________ (make) the bed.
My sisters ___________________ (wash) the dishes.
____________ you___________ (sleep)?
I ________________ (ride) a bike.
My gran ____________ (mop) the floor.

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