Входный лексико -грамматический тест

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Итоговый лексико –грамматический тестTEST ON GRAMMAR AND VOCABULARYFOR THE STUDENTS OF THE 5th FORMMade by: Xenophontova N.VEnglish teacher, school#7Yakutsk 2016  I.  Choose the right item:1.Yesterday morning they   …   …   at 7 o’clock.a)are getting up b)  got up c) get up2. She   …   books every evening.a)reads   b) read  c) is reading.3.They … … an exercise now.a)wrote  b) write  c) are writing 4.The girl      … … with her friends now.a)is  skipping        b) skip     c)skipped5.We   ...    every day.a)  watched TV   b) watch TV   c) are watching 6.  Yesterday afternoon Kitty     …   her mother about the house.   a) is helping       b) helps      c)helped II. Fill in the gaps with a lot of, lots, much, many:      7. How …cups of tea do you drink every day?         8. How … meat do you eat at dinner?                     9. He drank too… juice this morning.      10. She ate too …cookies last night.  11.        … fruit grows on trees. 12. Eat …of vegetables and fruit. III. Make the sentences complete. Fill in the gaps with there is, there are, there was, there were:      13. … …a toy fox on the table now.      14. …    …two foxes yesterday.                            15…. …. one cat in the box yesterday       16. … … three cats now. IV. Write down special questions to the underlined words, using how, what, when:  17. They are running very fast.  18. She speaks English well.  19. The boys played football yesterday. V.  Write the verbs in the Past Simple.  Write down the second form of the verbs: 20. be-  21. come- 22. have- 23.   go- 24. see- VI. Give the opposites of the following words: 25. good -   26.happy -  27. take - VII. Make a correct choice and fill in the gaps:28. She watched TV … 8 o’clock.            a). at,     b). on,     c).in    29. They got up early … the morning.          a).  at,    b). in        c). on 30. We played hockey … winter.          a).on     b).at     c).in 31. He slept well …night                     a).at      b). in      c). on 

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