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Victory Day

Данное занятие разработано для учащихся 5-го класса в соответствии с разделом программы –Праздники (День Победы).
Developing lexical skills on the topic “ Victory Day”.
Giving knowledge about the history and traditions of the holiday.
Teaching respect and love to the Motherland.
Developing memory, curiosity, mental activity.
Main course.
Free talk.
Working with the text.
Working with new words.
Reading the text.
Answering the questions.
3. Relaxation pause.
4. Answering the questions.
Greetings.-Hello, children! I’m glad to see you! How are you today?
Main course.Free talk.
-Today we’ll continiue to talk about holidays. But first of all let’s have a talk.
-What holidays do you know?
-How do people usually celebrate it?
-How do you celebrate this holiday?
-What is your favourite holiday?
-Today our lesson is devoted to the greatest holiday of our country. It is Victory Day.
Working with the text.
Working with new words.
-Look at the black board, there are new words.
День Победы – Victory Day.Патриотический, отечественный – patriotic.Война – war.Битва – battle.Ветеран – veteran.Парад – parade.Салют – salute.
-First of all listen to me.
-Now let’s read all together.
-Let’s read in rows.
-Who wants to read now?
Reading the text.
Victory Day
In Russia and other countries Victory Day, or 9th May, is one of the great holidays of the year. It is a holiday of all people.
In all towns there are decorations, flags and placards in the streets, in the shop windows and on the front of large buildings.
On Victory Day morning there are meetings and demonstrations of the veterans who fought in the Great Patriotic War.
On that day there is military parade in all big cities of our country.
Flowers and souvenirs are given to those who took part in the Great Patriotic War.
There are a lot of people in the streets and squares, at theatres, cinemas and concert halls. They are all celebrating their holiday. Many people go to see their friends or go for walks in the parks.
In the evening there is a holiday salute and a minute of silence to remember all those who did not come back from the war.
c)Answering the questions.
Which is one of the great holidays in our country?
How do people prepare for Victory Day?
How do people decorate the streets for Victory Day?
How do people celebrate Victory Day?
Where do people go in the evening?
-Good of you!
3. Relaxation pause.
-Now let’s have a rest!
Look up!
Look down!
Look to the left!
Look to the right!
Hands up!
Hands down!
Look straight!
And sit down!
4. Answering the questions.
1)How did you celebrate Victory Day?
2)Did you have the Victory Day meeting?
3)Was there a concert after the meeting?
4)What was there in the streets on Victory Day?
5)Did you watch the veterans parade in Moscow on TV?
6)What did you do on Victory Day evening?
7)Who did you congratulate on Victory Day?
I’m pleased with your work today. Your home task will be to make up a post card to our veterans.
The lesson is over. Good bye!

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