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Victory Day (9 May) This day celebrates the end of WWII (The Great Patriotic War, as Russians know it), in which Russia lost 27 million people. This is a a holiday with tears in the eyes. We must remember those soldiers, those brave people who stood up till death for their homes, their country and their believes. They were not politicians, they were not thinking about anything except protecting their homes. Only Russian casualties are estimated to be up to 27 million people; whole British Commonwealth – 12 million. For example: population of Australia is ~ 20 million, North Korea – 23, Belgium – 10, Germany – 82. We can say,  in total, – countries and maybe even continents were eliminated. World will not survive WW3. Learn the lessons of history. Whatever your religion and believe is… We must be grateful to those who put their lives on the altar of the USSR victory. We must keep their memory carefully and appreciate everything they did for us, as we are living just because they are dead. Congratulations to the veterans and their ancestors on the Great Victory Day ! Never forget the fallen. Our obeisance and best wishes to the live! Our Victory is 65 years old, But how the past is close to us. The spirit of celebration hovers, in the air . A shroud of a sadness still lives in our eyes. Dear veterans! Thank you, for no war we live in, For not hearing the noise of terrible years, For giving your life away for us to live!

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