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Presentation :«Victory Day in My Family»Yaresko AliceSarychev Konstantin10АTeacher : VK.Milyoshkina One of the most remarkable public events in my country is Victory Day. It is traditionally celebrated on the 9th of May. This patriotic holiday commemorates the victory of the USSR over the Nazi Germany.
Every year in honour of this day in all cities across the country lots of cheerful parades and celebrations are held. Despite the fact that the holiday is celebrated in a flamboyant way, May 9 is a sad day for the majority of our population. Many people lost their loved ones and close relatives during thаt ruthless war.
This war left its sign in my family too. My grandmother Vera Petrovna lived in the village Lgov of Kursk region. She was only 15 years in 1941. She helped to send echelons to different directions of our huge country with military equipment and food. It was very dangerous as the German planes constantly flew and dropped bombs.
My grandmother had got three brothers. One brother was a seaman, the second was a tankman, and the third was a infantryman. And all of them were lost.
70 years have passed since the day of Victory in the Great Patriotic war, but its echo till now doesn`t calm down in humans` souls. We do not have the right to forget the horror of that war. We do not have the right to forget those soldiers, who died for our bright future. We must remember everybody and everything. We must come down the memory about one of the most terrible wars, which concerned every family, from father to son.
So, we think Victory day was and must remain the lightest holiday. Our forefathers gave us the opportunity to live under the peaceful sky now and we mustn`t forget about that. I`m proud of my great-grandmother. Thanks to her and other simple people`s daily feat of arms fascism was defeated!

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