Вицторы дай школа 1924 рогонова

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70th ANNIVERSARY OF GREAT VICTORYThere has never been a war like the Great Patriotic War. Not only because it was the most destructive of all wars and millions died. But mainly because there have never been so many heroes and so many brave actions as in this war against the nazi invaders. By students of 6th form School# 1924, Moscow Teacher: A.V.Rogonova VICTORY DAY On the 9th of May all progressive people on our planet celebrated Victory Day. On this day fascism was defeated. The red flag appeared on the building of Reichstag in Berlin. The Great Patriotic war was over. VICTORY DAYThe war began on the 22nd of June, 1941. Soviet soldiers showed great heroism. They fought for their Motherland courageously. VICTORY DAYThe 9th of May,1945, is in the people’s memory and hearts. Time will not take that historic day away from us. It shows still brighter the world – historic significance of our victory. VICTORY DAYThe 9th of May is a special day. It’s a wonderful holiday different from all other holidays. It is a national holiday and at the same time a very personal one. Young generations know about the last war only from books and films. But it is difficult to believe that their hearts are not excited on Victory Day. Especially when they meet with war veterans. And you cannot find a family where those who fell for our Motherland are not commemorated on the 9th of May. The names of war heroes will live in our memory for ever.

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