Творческая работа
Ученица 6 «А» класса
Мамедова Жасмин Илхамовна
МОУ «Средняя школа №29»
Абакумова Ольга Сергеевна,
Учитель английского языка
МОУ «Средняя школа №29»
Россия, г. Петрозаводск
This story happened many years ago. Once there lived a nice and kind woman. Her name was Rebecca. She was a shop assistant in a small town and had a very boring life. But this woman liked to dream about fascinating journeys and adventures. One day Rebecca was sitting at home and reading a magazine when she noticed an announcement about a voyage to a tropical island. Rebecca wanted to go to the island so much that she worked from morning till night to earn some money. At last she bought a ticket and went aboard. While she was waiting for the departure she suddenly saw her friends Sophia and Rose. They were very happy to see her.
So their voyage began. It was very interesting because there were many restaurants, shops, cafes and even a sports gym on the ship. Rebecca and her friends had a very good time relaxing, eating delicious food, swimming and walking on the deck. But one night a terrible storm came upon the ship. The sailors and the captain did everything they could but the storm was getting worse and worse. Everybody was scared. All the passengers jumped into the boats and HYPERLINK "http://www.lingvo-online.ru/ru/Search/Translate/GlossaryItemExtraInfo?text=%d0%b8%d1%81%d1%87%d0%b5%d0%b7%d0%b0%d1%82%d1%8c&translation=disappear&srcLang=ru&destLang=en" \o "Показать примеры употребления"disappeared in the darkness. Rebecca, her friends and the captain decided to stay on the board and wait. When the morning came, the storm was over but everyone was exhausted and tired. They didn’t know where they were and what to do. Suddenly Rebecca exclaimed: “Look! I see an island over there!” They set a course for this unknown island and reached it in a few hours.
At first everything wasn’t so bad. They were climbing the trees, looking for coconuts, catching fish. They had a fishnet and managed to make a few hammocks. So they spent five days on the island. One night Rebecca was making tea for her friends when she heard a strange sound. “Woo-hoo! Woo-hoo! , somebody was screaming in the jungles. Rebecca was scared. She ran to the captain and told him about that. Rebecca, her friends and the captain gathered together and decided to wait for the morning but at that moment they noticed some strange shadows and were attacked by giant monkeys! They were very frightened because the monkeys surrounded them looking hungry. Suddenly a strange man jumped out of bushes. He had sticks with fire in his hands and rushed to them immediately. The monkeys were scared and ran away. The friends were very grateful but surprised, too. “Who are you?” asked captain. The stranger answered that his name was Jack and he was a scientist. Then he told them that it was very dangerous in the jungle and offered them to go with him to his den on the other side of the island. They agreed and went together.
The next day when they collected food Rose decided to pick berries. Suddenly the friends heard Rose’s scream but when they came she wasn’t there. They didn’t know what to do and where to look for Rose. Rebecca felt miserable. She didn’t expect such adventures. The stranger looked at her and said, “I know who did this! It is a cruel and strong tribe and these people won’t spare her life.”
“We must save her”, shouted Rebecca.
“Well, I have a plan”, said Jack. “There are many plants and berries which have the sleepy effect in the forest. We can add them in the cups of aborigines.”
“All right, let’s do this”, said captain. And friends set off for the tribe’s place. They picked berries on their way. When they came to the camp they decided to wait for night. When night came they crawled into the camp and mixed those berries with drinks of guardsmen. Those aborigines were really scary. They didn’t talk but shouted and screamed all the time and sang songs. So friends waited until the guardsmen fell asleep. Rebecca and Jack found Rose in one of the cabins and ran into the forest. They ran and ran and got tired.
The next day friends reached the other side of the island. There they lived for a while. And eventually they were noticed by a ship which was floating by. So they got home safely. Their new friend Jack learned that Rebecca wanted to have a rest on the tropic island but she had no money. He gave her a ticket on her birthday. She managed to go to the island and had a good time. She was very happy. Rebecca told all her friends that they shouldn’t be afraid to dream because dreams can lead us to exciting wonders and amazing adventures.

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