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The presentation was prepared: a student of class 10 Portseva Victoria At the end of the last century in Britain there was such a service - to listen to concerts and church music subscription at home. The company has established a special client device with four headphones, which had to be to keep the handle. The service cost 5 pounds a year, but for an extra pound could add another earphone. This system is more like a mobile phone. Service lasted from 1895 until 1926. By 1908 we served 600 subscribers, and were broadcast from 30 theaters and churches. Such was the stand. In 1910, Nathaniel Baldwin suggested USAF your headphones. He had to wait long for an answer, and even remind yourself to pay attention to it - that is, to write again to the armed forces. Somehow, the idea of them did not like the headphones, as long as they did not listen to them ... After that, Baldwin received an order from the Air Force and began to gather ears in the kitchen. Any phone in the form of hamburgers and players in the form of cans of Coca-Cola emerged, it seems, is not so long ago. But no, that is the radio was still in the twenties of the last century with headphones, which gave the biggest fans of oatmeal porridge. Snacks. Generally, hams at the beginning of the XX century had a home detector receivers and headphones. They collected their own receivers. In 1937 the company released the Beyerdynamic DT-48 dynamic earphones on the market. Today, this type of headphones - the most popular because of its accessibility. Most of the headphones on the market today, belongs to this type. Nevertheless, for a long time headphones are mainly used telephone operator, airport operators, pilots and tank crews. Well, the kids and hams, as has already been said above. More massive device made the company Koss. And then by chance. Donated $ 200 to the wedding the couple decided to invest in the business, and in 1953 began to rental of TV hospital patients. The company called J.C. Koss Hospital Television Rental Company. A little later, the company introduced the portable turntable. Included were a headset that used the pilots during the Second World War. In 1958 at the exhibition all interested in it headphones. And John Koss began to establish the production of this device. Before Koss, Sennheiser, and other giants of the music industry began to produce electrostatic headphones, it took the company Stax. Electrostatic loudspeaker has undeniable advantages over other emitters: this simplicity of design and sound quality. This type gives the lowest distortion, as I mentioned above. Electrostatic headphones Stax SR-1 presented at the exhibition in Tokyo in 1959. Among them is called earspeakers, meaning "ear speakers". Audio-Technica The company was founded 42 years of Japanese in 1962. Company history began with the production of phonograph pickup. The first two models AT-1 and AT-3 began selling audio equipment manufacturers in Japan. A year later, the company moved to Bole spacious room and increases the production, sale starting AT-5, and in 1969 goes to their pickups on the world market. And in 1974 the company released the first series of AT-700 dynamic headphones. Four years later, out condenser headphones ATH-8 and ATH-7. In 1978, at the Amar Bose, founder of the manufacturer of Hi-end audio equipment, the idea of active noise cancellation was born. Headphones on the plane was not allowed to enjoy the music, because it does not drown out the crying children and engine noise. The bottom line active noise cancellation that wave can pay off, if sent forward in a similar opposition. Bowes implemented this idea into practice for first set of pilots, then the system fell into a life of music lovers. In 2001, Apple released the first generation iPod. Now, this line consists of a series of iPod classic, iPod touch, iPod nano and Pod shuffle. By 2007, it was sold about 110 million of these players, and by 2012 - already 350 million. And along with them - Apple Earpods.

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