Викторина «Mordovia»
1.What regions does Mordovia border on?
2.What are the chief rivers?
3.How far is Saransk from Moscow?
4.How many administrative regions are there in Mordovia?
5.How many districts are there in Saransk?
6.What are the most important towns in Mordovia?
7.What is the population in Mordovia?
8.What branches is the industry of Mordovia basically presented by?
9.What lake is situated in Mordovia?
10.What animals can be found in the woods of Mordovia?
11.What is the climate in Mordovia?
12.What is the capital of Mordovia?
13.What State university is there in Saransk?
14.When was Saransk founded?
15.How old is Ruzaevka today?
16.What is Saransk famous for?
17.When will the World Football Championship be held in Saransk?
18.What famous people lived in Ruzaevka?
19. How old is Saransk today?
20.How old is Gymnasium №1 in Ruzaevka?

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