Викторина 154

Метою уроку є:
надійно закріпити вивчені теми з країнознавства;
активізувати навички усного мовлення;
розвинути навички роботи у команді;
спонукати до творчого мислення.
Вікторина складається з 5 розділів, кожний з яких присвячуєтеся окремій темі (Wales, Australia & New Zealand, the USA, Ireland та The World of Shopping).
Клас поділяється на групи (3-5 учнів в залежності від кількості учнів). Питання заздалегідь написані на окремих аркушах.
Капітан команди бере 12 питань. Команда має 10 хв., щоб дати відповіді на питання.
За кожну повну та правильну відповідь команда отримує 5 балів. За граматичні помилки у відповіді кількість балів зменшується.
Команда, що набрала більшу кількість балів – є переможцем.
Вчителю бажано заздалегідь приготувати дипломи знавців з українознавства англомовних країн.
Матеріал підготовлено за підручниками Enterprise (Level 2) Elementary.
What is the other name for Wales?
What does Wales border with?
What is the capital of Wales?
What is Cardiff like?
Where does Wales border with England?
What is the official language of Wales?
What languages are Welsh schoolchildren taught at school?
What is a favourite pastime in Wales?
Why is singing such a favourite pastime?
What is the traditional musical instrument in Wales?
What is another popular hobby, apart from singing?
What are travellers from around the world attracted by to Wales?
What is Snowdonia?
Where is Snowdonia located?
Why is Snowdonia a popular tourist attraction?
Who was Caernarfon Castle built for?
What is St. David`s famous for?
What are the Welsh proud of?
What is the Royal National Eisteddfod?
What does the Royal National Eisteddfod take place?
How long does the Royal National Eisteddfod last?
What famous festival takes place Wales?
Sport in Australia.
How are Australians colloquially referred to?
What is the affectionate name for New Zealanders?
Why is a wide range of outdoor activities available in Australia and New Zealand?
What outdoor activities are available in Australia and New Zealand?
What are the most popular leisure activities in Australia and New Zealand?
What are the most popular sports in Australia and New Zealand?
What does the beginning of summer mean for sports fans in Australia and New Zealand?
When was rugby first played in New Zealand?
What does a rugby ball look like?
What are the differences between rugby and football?
Why in the New Zealand rugby team called the All Blacks?
What is the Haka?
When did the Haka use to be performed in the past?
What did the Haka look like?
Why does a number of New Zealand teams perform the Haka before the game nowadays?
What is cricket played with?
How many players are there in a cricket team?
What is the Ashes?
How often do the Ashes occur?
How is Britain`s football known in Australia?
What ball is Australian Rules Football played with?
How is Australian Rules Football different from Britain`s football?
What are the rules of Australian Rules Football?
The USA.
Who were the original inhabitants of the USA?
Where are immigrants of the USA from?
Descendants of what nationalities have immigrated to the USA?
Why is the USA called a melting pot of cultures?
What is the official language of the USA?
What is the second most widely spoken language in the USA?
What is the most populated city in the USA?
Why are the Midwest States referred to as the heartland of the nation?
Where is the USA situated?
What countries does the USA border with?
What oceans is the USA washed by?
What is the capital of the USA?
What climate do Tennessee and Florida have?
What is the largest state in the USA?
What mountain range stretches through the USA?
What is the least populated state in the USA?
How big is the USA?
What is the population of the USA?
How many states is the USA made up?
What does the USA`s division depend on?
How many regions is the USA made up?
Which of the states of America stand alone geographically?
When did Alaska and Hawaii join to the USA?
What is the territory of the USA?
Why is the population of original inhabitant small in the USA?
Where are Hispanic Americans originally from?
What are the East Coast States marked for?
Which region of the USA is marked for its forest? Mountains? Beaches and picturesque lakes?
What are the Midwestern States of the USA referred to?
What US region lies in the middle of country?
What US region is Chicago located in?
What amazing scenery can you find in the USA?
Which US region includes amazing natural scenery such as the Rocky Mountains, the Grand Canyon and the Arizona Desert?
Why does Florida have moister and warmer climate than California?
What kind of land do the Pacific Coast States have?
What territory does the USA cover?
What is the Irish name for Ireland?
Why is Ireland known as the Emerald Isle?
How is Ireland also called?
Where is Eire located?
What is the capital of Eire?
What is the largest city of Eire?
What country can you see very many different shades and tones of green in?
What ocean is Eire washed by?
What is Eire known for?
What are the Irish good at?
What are the Irish like?
What do the Irish have their reputation for?
What is Irish folk music about?
What is Irish folk music full of?
Why did the Irish immigrants leave their homeland?
What is the first official language of the Republic of Ireland?
What language do the Irish speak in their everyday lives?
How old is the Irish language?
What part of Ireland is the Irish language mostly spoken in?
What group does the Irish language belong to?
How do the Irish support the revival of their native language?
Who is Ireland`s national saint?
When do the Irish celebrate St. Patrick`s Day?
Who do the Irish commemorate on the 17th of March?
What does the popular Irish saying go?
What do the Irish decorate their homes with on St. Patrick`s Day?
What colour clothes do the Irish wear on St. Patrick`s Day?
What is the Ireland national plant symbol?
How long do the festivities of St. Patrick last in Dublin?
What is one of the most famous American`s department stores in the world?
When did the Bloomingdale brothers start (establish) their business?
What item of clothes did Lyman & Joseph Bloomingdale decide to sell?
Where did the Bloomingdale brothers set up their business?
Why did the Bloomingdale brothers start selling other trendy clothes?
How was one American`s first department stores born?
What department store is a fashion leader in America today?
How is Bloomingdale`s sometimes called?
Why is Bloomingdale`s sometimes called a “retail theatre”?
What famous people have visited Bloomingdale`s?
What goods does Marks & Spencer sell?
What does Marks & Spencer differ from the other department stores?
How old is Marks & Spencer?
What has Marks & Spencer become since its humble beginning?
Who did Michael Marks form a partnership with?
When did Michael Marks form a partnership with Tom Spenser?
What was Tom Spenser`s job?
What country did Michael Marks immigrate from?
When was the first Marks & Spencer shop open?
How many countries does Marks & Spencer trade in nowadays?
How many Marks & Spencer stores are there in the UK?
How many customers does Marks & Spencer serve in the UK weekly?
What policy do Marks & Spencer stores have?
What are Marks & Spencer renown for?
What was the Marks & Spencer`s slogan?
Where is West Edmonton Mall located?
What department store is the largest in the world?
How large is West Edmonton Mall?
How much did West Edmonton Mall cost to build?
How many stores are there in West Edmonton Mall?
How many restaurants and cafes offer food at West Edmonton Mall?
What can you do at West Edmonton Mall after you have finished shopping?
What entertainments can you find at West Edmonton Mall?
Where can you stay for a night at West Edmonton Mall?
What is the Fantasyland Hotel at West Edmonton Mall marked for?
What kinds of products can you find at West Edmonton Mall?

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