Животные 12

Фрагмент урока
по английскому языку по теме «Животные в нашей жизни»
с использованием ИКТ
в 4 классе
Цель урока: -активизировать изученную лексику по теме «Животные в
нашей жизни»;
- развивать навыки письменной речи с использованием ИКТ;
- развивать память, логическое мышление;
- воспитывать доброе отношение к животным.
Оборудование: компьютеры, экран, презентация темы и лексики.
Ход фрагмента урока:
Организационный момент:
Today we will speak about animals in our life.
We will give their characteristics.
Работа над изученной лексикой на экране:
1. Let’s revise the animals. Call them, please.
2. Look at the screen. These words will help you in your describing.
Now let’s review the words. Read and translate.
( на экране слова прилагательные )

funny beautiful clever lazy strong independent brave friendly cunning nice silly cruel

Работа над текстом. Вставить пропущенные прилагательные.
Let’s put down these adjectives in the text.
Last week I was on the farm. It was so nice! There were a lot of animals there. There were big cows, strong horses, funny and lazy pigs, cheerful rabbits, silly hens, brave geese and a majestic cock. Also I saw a clever dog and a lazy and beautiful cat.
In the morning it was sunny. I went for a walk. In the forest was beautiful. There I saw big and small birds, a cunning fox, a brave and silly hare. I was very happy!
IV. Работа на компьютере. Составление характеристик к предложенным
картинкам животных.
And now, you must print characteristics of the following animals
and birds.
For example: It is a fox. The fox is cunning, strong, clever and
independent. It runs very fast. I like foxes.
(Составление характеристик на компьютерах.
В каждом компьютере даны различные картинки животных и птиц.)
Чтение написанных характеристик учащимися.
2-3 работы читают учащиеся.
2-3 работы учащиеся рассказывают.

Итог урока.
Выставление оценок.
Домашнее задание.
You must describe your pet.

Примеры описания животных:
1. It is a monkey. The monkey is funny and cheerful. It looks like a human
being. The monkey can jump, run and climb.
2. It is a cow. The cow is kind and rather silly. It gives people milk and meat.
Children like milk. I like milk too.
It is a rabbit. The rabbit is nice and lazy. It can jump and run. The rabbit eats
cabbage. It is afraid of foxes and wolves.
This is a wolf. The wolf is clever, strong and sometimes cruel. It runs very
fast. The wolf likes rabbits.
This is a bear. The bear is big, strong and not very brave. It can run. It
attacks a man only in the back.
It is a camel. The camel is strong and big. It can spend a lot of days in the
desert without water. I like camels.
This is a duck. The duck is beautiful and friendly. It can swim and
run. There are a lot in the river.
It is an eagle. The eagle is strong, brave and beautiful. He sees very well and
flies very fast. I like eagles.
This is a whale. The whale is very clever, big, strong and cruel. It is the
biggest animal of our planet. It swims very well.
It is a dolphin. The dolphin is friendly and clever. It saves people. It swims
very fast. I like dolphins.
This is a snake. The snake is long and cunning. The bite of some of them
is fatal. I don’t like snakes.

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