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Do you know English and American literature?
A. Christie has written lots of … stories.
adventure B) fantastic C) detective
2. Miss Marple is the character of the books written by …
A) A. Christie B) A. Conan Doyle C) G. Chesterton
3. Sherlock Holmes is the character of the books written by …
A) A. Christie B) A. Canon Doyle C) G. Chesterton
4. One of the greatest authors of «ghost» stories is …
A) M. Twain B) J.D. Salinger C) E. Poe
5. His real name was William Sydney Porter.
A) O’ Henry B) M. Twain C) Ch. Dickens
6. His real name was Samuel Clemens.
A) J. London B) O’ Henry C) M. Twain
7. The novel «Jane Eyre» was written by … Bronte.
A) Charlotte B) Emily C) Anne
8. The words «Something is rotten in the state of Denmark» belong to … .A) Hamlet b) King Lear c) Othello
9) He was not born in Ireland.
A) O. Wilde B) B. Shaw c) Ch. Dickens
10. The novel shows the events of the Civil War in the USA.
A) «Gone with the Wind» B) «American Tragedy» C) «Farewell to Arms»
Do you know London? Read the sentences and find the correct answers
London stands on the river …
A) Thames B) Clyde C) Avon2. Where does Queen Elizabeth II live?
A) Buckingham Palace B) The Tower C) Westminster Abbey
3. It is one of the oldest buildings in London.
A) Whitehall B) The Tower C) Big Ben
4. It is the most famous clock in the UK.
A) Westminster B) Buckingham C) Big Ben
5. It is one of the most famous bridges in London over the river Thames.
A) Millennium B) Tower C) Buckingham
6. You can see many wild animals there.
A) Hyde Park B) The City C) London Zoo
7. It is one of the most famous museums in the world.
A) Whitehall B) Big Ben C) The British Museum
8. There are many banks and offices there.
A) Hyde Park B) The Tower C) The City
9. There is a monument to Admiral Nelson there
A) Trafalgar Square B) Hyde Park C) London Zoo
10. It was built by architect Christopher Wren.
A) Whitehall B) The tower C) St. Paul’s Cathedral

Do you know Great Britain?

1. Which country is not a part of the UK?
A)Scotland B) Wales C) Iceland
2.William the Conqueror invaded the British Isles in the … century.
eight B) eleventh C) fifteenth
3.The Battle of Trafalgar Square took place during … .
B) the Civil War
C) the war against Napoleon
4. London Zoo is situated in … Park.
A) Hyde B) Regent’s C) St. James’s
5. Many famous people are buried there.
A) Buckingham Palace
B) Westminster Palace
C) Westminster Abbey
6. It has been a fortress, a palace, a zoo, a treasure.
A) Bi Ben B) Buckingham Palace C) The Tower
7. The building is the seat of the Parliament.
A) Buckingham Palace B) Westminster Palace C) Westminster Abbey
8. It is the work of the architect Christopher Wren.
A) Buckingham Palace B) Westminster Abbey C) St. Paul’s Cathedral
9. «Alice in Wonderland» was written by … .A) Lewis Carroll B) Alexander Milne C) Walter Scott
10. Hamlet was the Prince of … .A) England B) Denmark B) Great Britain
Do you know Great Britain and its culture?
The Great Fire of London was in … .
1600 B) 1660 C) 1666
The Battle of Trafalgar took place in … .A) 1805 B) 1812 C) 1814
The Prime Minister of Great Britain during WWll was … .Winston Churchill B) Margaret Thatcher C) David Cameron
«Big Ben» was the nickname of … .Christopher Wren B) Andrew Lloyd Webber C) Benjamin Hall
It was not designed by Christopher Wren.
St. Paul’s Cathedral B) Westminster C) Greenwich Observatory
The Boat Race in England it between … Universities.
Oxford and Cambridge B) Oxford and London C) Cambridge and York
His musical «Cats» is popular in many countries.
Christopher Wren B) Andrew Lloyd Webber C) Benjamin Britten
Alexander Selkirk was the prototype of … .Ivanhoe B) Gulliver C) Robinson Crusoe
King Lear had … daughters.
four B) two C) three
They say «When a man is tired of London, he is tired of…».
travelling B) life C) sightseeing
How well do you know the UK?

Name the woman who was the founder of professional nursing.
Florence Nightingale
B) Charlotte Bronte
C) Jane Austen
D) Iris Murdock
Name the title which is given to the heir to the British throne. Prince of … .Edinburgh B) Wales C) York D) Wessex
Name the year when Elizabeth II became the Queen of the United Kingdom.
1926 B) 1952 C) 1983 D) 1990
Name the British explorer who reached the Antarctic.
A) Roald Amundsen
B) Robert Falcon Scott
C) James Cook
D) Francis Drake
Name the city where Greenwich is situated.
Plymouth B) Edinburgh C) Glasgow D) London
Name the place where Christopher Wren is buried.
The tower
B) Westminster Abbey
C) St. Paul’s Cathedral
D) Hyde Park
Name the fastest ship that brought tea to British.
Discovery B) Cutty Sark C) Victory D) Titanic
Name the author who wrote about the Forsyte family.
Charles Dickens
B) John Galsworthy
C) Walter Scott
D) Agatha Christie
Name the scientist who discovered the Law of Gravitation.
Michael faraday
B) Alexander Bell
C) Isaac Newton
D) Alexander Fleming
10. Name the country where you can see Stonehenge.
A) England B) Ireland C) Iceland D) Greenland

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