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Animals Animals Wild animals: A lion A tiger A bear A fox A wolf A monkey A giraffe An elephant A squirrel A hare Domestic animals: A dog A cat A cow A sheep A horse A pig A parrot Let’s do some puzzles and riddles! This is a very large animal with a long trunk. An elephant This wild animal is allied to a dog. A wolf A wolf This big brown animal lives in the forest. It likes honey. A bear You can teach this bird with bright feathers to repeat your words. A parrot A striped African animal allieto the horse and the donkey. A zebra An insect with large, usually brightly coloured wings. A butterfly This animal is known for its cunning. A fox This animal lives in Australia. The mother carries her babies in her pouch. A kangaroo This little animal stores up nuts for the winter. A squirrel It jumps on land and swims in water. A frog Just name A tiger A horse Just name A sheep A giraffe Just name A dog A lion Just name A pig A cow Just name A monkey A hare

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