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What is the capital of England?
How many people do live and work in London? (more than 7 mil.)
What was the name of London many years ago? (Londinium)
The Romans built Londinium near the river. What was the name of the river?
There are in fact 3 cities in London. What are they?
How many bridges are there over the River Thames? (27)
How many tunnels are there under the River Thames? (8)
Who was the King of England in the 11th century?
Where did William the Conqueror live when he was king?
Why did William the Conqueror build the White Tower?
What was the Tower of London?
What is the heart of London?
What places can you visit in the City?
Who built the White Tower?
When did William the Conqueror build it? (11th)
What birds can you see near the Tower of London?
Name the greatest English church.
Who built it?
When did Sir Christopher Wren build it? (17th)
How many years it took Sir Christopher Wren? (35)
What is the centre of London?
What monument stands in the middle of the square?
How many fountains are there in the square?
Name the best picture gallery of the world?
What is the main square in London?
What is the literary part of the city? (Bloomsbury Square)
How old is Bloomsbury Square? (300)
When was founded the British Museum? (1753)
Name the famous London cinema? (the “Odeon”)
Name the main shopping centre. (Oxford Street)
What is the largest park of London? (Hyde Park)
When did the Great Fire of London start? (2nd September 1666)
How many days did the fire burn?
Who is the architect of St. Paul’s Cathedral?
Who was the King of England in the 16th century? (Henry the 8th)
What is the political centre of London? (Westminster)
Where does the British Prime Minister live? (10 Downing Street)
What is the famous clock in London?
Where does the Queen of England live?
What monument is in front of Buckingham Palace?
Name a wide street leading to Parliament Square? (Whitehall)

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