Животные австралии 4

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Some facts : Largest cities Canberra Sydney Melbourne Newcastle There are lots of strange and unusual animals in Australia. Many of them- the kangaroo, the dingo, the koala, the echidna, the platypus are found nowhere in the world. cockatoo dingo echidna emu kangaroo kookaburra platypus Tasmanian devil wallaby koala When it's threatened, it rolls into a spine ball. A kind of a hedgehog. (?) The large Australian bird that cannot fly. A smaller version of an ostrich. (?) The feathery bird with a hooked bill. A relative of a parrot. (?) All people think wrong that it's a bear. It is a marsupial! It mostly sleeps. (?) The babies are called joeys. It's the symbol of Australia too. (?) The duck-billed animal which lays eggs. It lives in rivers and lakes. (?) The Australian wild dog, which came from Asia 5000 years ago.(?) fly run long toes feathers rainforests groundEmus can’t_______but they can______very fast. They have___legs and three_____on each foot. They have shaggy grey – brown______.Emus do not live in_______.An emu makes its nest on the_______. Fill in the right word: Label the parts of the possum: claws snout whiskers eye ear back tail The Numbat The numbat eats insects leaves flowers The Numbat comes from America China Australia The numbat is about 20 cm long 41 cm long 60 cm long At night, they hide in hollow boxes gardens logs Label these parts of the numbat: tail tongue ears claws back Crossword "Australian animals" a marsupial similar in appearance to bears the largest bird native to Australia a duck-billed mammal a short-legged, muscular marsupial a bird whose tail resembles a musical instrument a spiny egg-laying mammal a marsupial similar to kangaroo but smaller in size a wild dog the marsupial with powerful hind legs that can jump very well Crossword "Australian animals" Answer Key emu cockatoo koala kangaroo platypus dingo

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