Животные со всего света

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Текстовое содержимое слайдов:

123456789Match pictures with their namesA PARROTA COBRAA GIRAFFEA PEACOCKA KOALAA DUCKA COWA TORTOISEA MONKEY 123456789Match pictures with their namesA HENA CAMELA GOOSEA BEARA GOLDFISH A LEOPARDA RHINOA GOAT A CROCODILE Choose the correct form of the verbA koala (is eating/eats) eucalyptus leaves now.Many amazing animals (live/are living) in India.Insects (fly/are flying) in forest every summer.Look! A cat (is playing/plays) with a toy.A budgie (sings/is singing) every morning.My pet (is sleeping/sleeps) at the moment. A koala is eating eucalyptus leaves now.Many amazing animals live in India.Insects fly in forest every summer. Look! A cat is playing with a toy.A budgie sings every morning.My pet is sleeping at the moment. What is the symbol of Russia? What is Kamchatka a home to?What is Kamchatka bears favourite food?What do they also eat?Are Kamchatka bears good swimmers?When do the bears go back to forest?Where do they spend the winter?The Kamchatka brown bear is very, VERY small. True/FalseIt is very strong, with big teeth and long claws. True/FalseThe bears go to the forest, when spring finishes. True/FalseSalmon is the bears’ favourite food. True/FalseWhen it stands up, it can be 4 metres tall. True/FalseA bear’s weight is 100 kg. True/False It is home to thousands of Kamchatka brown bears.Kamchatka bears’ favourite food is salmon.Berries, nuts, roots.Kamchatka bears are good swimmers.The bears go back to forest, when summer finishes.They spend the winter in a warm den.FalseTrueFalseTrueFalseFalse John: Do you like the zoo, Jessie?Jessie: Yes, I do. It is great. What is that animal over there?John: Which one? What does it look like?Jessie:  It has a long neck and long legs.John: That is a giraffe. They are so beautiful.Jessie:  Yes, they are. Look, what is that up in the tree?John: It is a monkey.Jessie:  Ah! I don’t like monkeys.John: Why not?Jessie:  They are noisy.John: I find them cute. Anyway, let’s go and see the bears.Jessie:  OK. Vet: Hi, Penny. What`s the matter?Penny: It`s Jack, my parrot.Vet: Оh, what`s wrong with him?Penny: I think he`s got a broken wing.Vet: Really? How? Penny: I don`t know.Vet: How old is he? Penny: He`s about four years old. Vet: Let`s have a look at him. Penny: OK. {46F890A9-2807-4EBB-B81D-B2AA78EC7F39}REVISING NAMES OF WILD ANIMALSPRESENT SIMPLE OR PRESENT CONTINUOUSREADING THE TEXT AND ANSWERING QUESTIONSMAKING DIALOGUESEASY – PINKDIFFICULT – ORANGENOT VERY DIFFICULT - YELLOW

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