Животные в нашей жизни

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Животные в нашей жизниPresent Perfect6 классРазработала: Абдразакова Р.М.,учитель английского языка I КК Which of the animals are wild/domestic/endangered? Write them down in three columns {5C22544A-7EE6-4342-B048-85BDC9FD1C3A} wilddomesticendangered Read  and match the descriptions of animals with pictures.a) It`s grey. It lives in Africa. It can swim. It`s got a huge body. It`s got small eyes and ears. b) It`s got a long body and a small head. It hasn`t got legs. It is very intelligent and friendly. It can swim    brilliantly.c. It`s black and white. It lives in Africa. It`s got a tail. It can run fast.d. It eats leaves. I t has got a very long neck and four long legs. It can run fast. Read the words in transcription. Write them down with letters.[fait] ________ [dЗaiənt] ________ [wз: ld] ________[waild] ______ __ [nætSərəl] _______ [indeindЗəd] ________ Read the text: The Amur Tiger The Amur (or Siberian) Tiger is the largest living cat in the world. These tigers  live  in the Russian Far East in the Amur-Ussuri  region of Primorski and Khabarovski Krais. The Amur tigers are heavy cats (160-220 kg). It has fine and long fur to survive in winter and a layer of fat that allows it to stand the bitter cold. The coat is lighter in colour than other tigers and it has large paws which act rather like snow shoes. They haven`t got long legs but  can run fast and jump long.  The Amur tigers live to 15 years in the wild and eat big animals (e.g. deer, boars). They hunt them in the day or night.  Female tigers have 3-4 babies. They live with their mother for 3 years.  Unfortunately  the Amur tigers are rare now. Are these sentences true (T) or false (F):1. The Amur tigers live in Siberia. 2. They are small cats, aren`t they?3. Babies live with the females.4. The Amur tigers do not hunt big animals, do they? Endangered animals in our Republic Altai Present Perfect Present Perfect = have, has + V3 (just, already, yet) I, you, we, they – have He, she, it – has Put the words in a logical order (in written form) 1. mother, visited, her, I, already, have .2. we, a letter, not, written, have.3. has, he, work, finished, not, his.

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