Викторина 5 кл путешествие в страну английского языка

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ПУТЕШЕСТВИЕ в страну английского языка Путешествие в страну "Английского языка"       EnglishMathsP.E.BiologyArt

Find the opposites: thin small yes can’t mother dog sister girl hello black night brother white good-bye cat day boy no big thick can father thin thick yes no mother father sister brother hello good-bye night day white black cat dog boy girl big small can can’t I fine.You from England.He strong.She busy.It fat.We big.They clever.Tom and Sam pupils.Our friends good at English.Ann young.All people friends.amareisisisareareareareisare

Seventy-three minus fifty-two is twenty-oneEighty-four minus twenty-seven is fifty sevenNinety-two plus thirteen is one hundred and fiveTwo hundred and seventy-three minus eighty-one is one hundred and ninety-twoThree hundred and sixty-two plus twenty-five is three hundred and eighty-sevenNineteen ninety-eightNineteen seventy-sixSeventeen fifty-threeEighteen twelveSixteen seventy-four 73-52=2184-27=5792+13=105273-81=192362+25=38719981976175318121674


1. This animal has got a very long neck.2. It has got a beautiful fluffy tail. It’s red. It likes chickens.3. It has no legs but moves very quickly.4. Lives in the river, is green, can jump, is not dangerous.5. It’s big and brown, likes honey, sleeps in winter.6. It’s a funny animal, likes to jump and climb, eats bananas.The Biology lesson

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