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Текстовое содержимое слайдов:

Round ONE1. What is the official language in Great Britain? (10 pounds)a) Englishb) Frenchc) Russiand) Chinese2. Big Ben is….. (20 pounds)a) a clockb) a horsec) an animal in the zood) a famous name3. Piccadilly Circus is the meeting point of …. (50 pounds)a) a four streetsb) six streetsc) five streetsd) seven streets4. The changing of guard happens every day at …. (100 pounds)a) 12:30 a.m.b) 12 o’clock.c) 11:30 a.m.d) 10 o’clock.

Round TWO1. Great Britain is divided into …. (10 pounds)a) three partsb) five partsc) four partsd) two parts2. What is a Piccadilly Circus? (20 pounds)a) a circusb) a squarec) a streetd) a house3. What is the Tower of London now? (50 pounds)a) a prisonb) a museumc) a housed) a fortress4. The name of the Palace where Queen lives in …. (100 pounds)a) the Tower of Londonb) the White Housec) the Winsor palace d) the Buckingham Palace

Round THREE1. The capital of Great Britain is…. (10 pounds)a) Paris b) Moscow c) Londond) Cardiff 2. What can you see in Trafalgar square? (20 pounds)a) Nelson statueb) King memorialc) Queen memoriald) Michael Gorbachevmemorial3. The legend says without them the Tower will fall. They are ….(50 pounds)a) the pigeonsb) the catsc) the squirrelsd) the ravens4. When can you see the flag over the Queen’s Palace? (100 pounds)a) When she is outb) When she is abroadc) When she has a partyd) When she is at home

Round FOUR1. England is in…. (10 pounds)a) Europeb) Africa c) Americad) Asia2. Where is London’s zoo? (20 pounds)a) Regent’s parkb) Hyde Parkc) St. James’ parkd) Central park3. The Raven master is the person who ….. (50 pounds)a) is the main ravenb) kills the ravensc) feeds the ravensd) orons the ravens4. Sir Christopher Wren built ….. (100 pounds)a) St. Pauls cathedralb) The Tower of Londonc) Westminster Abbeyd) The Parliament

Round FIVE1. The name of the river in London is…. (10 pounds)a) The Volga b) The Thames c) The Niled) The Medvediza 2. Where can you say everything you want? (20 pounds)a) Regent’s park b) Hyde parkc) St. James’ parkd) Central park3. Westminster Abbey is …. (50 pounds)a) the chapel b) the monasteryc) the innd) the famous Royal Church4. London is more than …. (100 pounds)a) one thousand years oldb) two thousands years oldc) three thousands years old d) four thousands years old

Round SIX1. Who is the head of England? (10 pounds)a) the Queenb) the tzarc) the Princed) the Princess 2. Where can you see pelicans and ducks? (20 pounds)a) Regent’s park b) Hyde parkc) St. James’ parkd) Central park3. Where are the tombs of many British king and queens and other famous people? (50 pounds)a) In the Tower of Londonb) On the Cemeteryc) On the river Bankd) In Westminster Abbey4. In what country do men wear skirts? (100 pounds)a) Franceb) Englandc) Scotlandd) Norway

Round SEVEN1. You can get from Russia to England by …(10 pounds)a) bicycleb) airplanec) card) foot2. The British Parliament is in ….. (20 pounds)a) the Buckingham Palace b) the Houses ofParliamentc) Backer Streetd) Westminster Abbey3. Covent Garden is now…. (50 pounds)a) a cinemab) a fruit and vegetable gardenc) a theatred) a tourist shopping Centre4. The Princess Diana was the wife of …. (100 pounds)a) Prince Johnb) Prince Robertc) Prince Wilhelmd) Prince Charles

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