Жизн в городе и загородом. За и против.

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Скворчевский 10-1 Some people think, that living in a big city is full of advantages. Other people think, that live in the country is better. Lets discuss this problem. Firstly, living in a big city is very comfortable. In big cities there are many restaurants, cinemas, theatres, shops, etc. Secondly, you can buy a computer and you can be able, to surf the Internet( Of cause if you have already buy Wi-Fi or Modem) Finally, when you Finished the school, you do not have such problems in future, as if you from the country However, there are some disadvantages of living in a big city: First of all, the oxygen, which we have to breathe is dirty because of factories Furthermore the water in the rivers and not far away seas is dirty too. As a result, when we leave in the city, we pay to this our health. To some up, we can say, that living in the city have it is advantages and disadvantages- if you want to live with the comfort, you have to pay your health.

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