Викторина к проекту

Викторина по теме «Королевская семья»
1. What is the family name of the present royal family?
a) Smith; b) Tudor; c) Stuart; d) Windsor.2. Who is her husband?
a) Prince Charles; b) Prince Philip; c) Prince Andrew; d) Prince Georg 3.When and where was Elizabeth II born?
А) on the 21-st of April 1926 in Windsor b)on the 2-nd of June 1926 in Windsor
4. What is her full name?
a)Elizabeth-Mary-Alexander Windsor b) Elizabeth-Mary Windsor
5. When did she come to the throne?
a) in 1952 b) 1960 c) 1973
6. Where was she crowned?
a) in Westminster Abbey in London b) in Buckingham Palace
7. What does she like?
a) Likes reading, taking pictures, watching horse races
b) Likes dancing, swimming, cooking
8. What are the Queen’s favourite animals?
a) cats; b) dogs; c) hamsters; d) snakes 9. How many children does Elizabeth II have?
a) 4 children b) 3 children с) 2 children
10 . Which British monarch reigned for the longest period?
a) Queen Victoria; b) Elizabeth I; c) Henry VIII; d) George V.

10-9-very good 8-7-good 6-4-OK <4 Try again

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