Викторина космос 2

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Текстовое содержимое слайдов:

SPACE QUIZ Zhilina Larisa Iliyasovna, LND The gravity on Mars is less than ________ per cent of that on Earth. 30 40 50
The Sun is __________ years old. 6 billion 4,5 billion 3,5 billion
A hurricane the size of Earth has been raging on ________ for the past 300 years. Saturn Mars Jupiter Venus

The exploding star is known as a ________ and produces as much energy in a few months as the sun would over billions of years. supernova
The three main types of _________ are made of stone, iron or a mixture of the two. meteorite
________ meteors enter the Earth’s atmosphere every day! Luckily most of them are only the size of a grain of sand. one million 5 million one billion 1,5 billion 20 million 2 million

Light is the fastest thing in the universe and travels at more than ____________per second. 180.000 km 186.000 miles 250.000 km 300.000 km 155.000 miles 112.000 miles

It takes one day for the Earth to rotate once on its axis. How long exactly does it last? 23 hours and 56 minutes
The daytime temperature on Mercury is about _______ degrees Celsius. +500 +180 +250 +430 +340 - 180

It takes Saturn more than ______ years to orbit the Sun. 40 29 21 37 18 33 45 41

How is the earthquake on the moon called? moonquake
_______ was called the Georgian Planet, after king George III. Uranus Pluto Mars Jupiter Neptune SaturnMercury Venus

The Earth is travelling through space at an astonishing speed ________kilometres per hour. 120.000 105.000 108.000 95.000 74.000 59.000 137.000 144.000

_______ is shrouded in clouds of sulphur dioxide and sulphuric acid. Venus
The biggest stars in the galaxy are called ______ and ______. A red _____ can be 1.500 times bigger than the Sun! supergiants hypergiants

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