Викторина о британии 6 класс

The Quiz “What Do You Know About Great Britain and Northern Ireland?”
The UK consists of …. countries.
tree b) four c) five
Great Britain is the largest…….
country b) city c) island
The capital of the UK is……
London b) Washington c) Paris
What river does London stand on?
the Thames B) the Severn c) the Clyde
The official language of the UK is…..
English b) Scottish c) English and Scottish
The national symbol of England is the…..
red rose b) thistle c) daffodil
The biggest part of Great Britain is……
Scotland b) England c) Northern Ireland
What’s the name of the British Flag?
Star-Spangled Banner b) Stripes and Stars c) Union Jack
The population of England is about……
56 mln. people b) 6 mln. people c) 51 mln. people
The national day of England is on the….
12th of June b) 23d of April c) 4th of November
The longest river in England is….
the Thames b) the Severn c) the Avon
William Shakespeare was born in….
London b) Stratford-upon-Avon c) Manchester
Stonehenge is about…….years old.
40 b) 400 c) 400
Liverpool is the home of…..
the Beatles b) W. Shakespeare c) the Queen Elizabeth II
Manchester is famous for its…
museums b) football teams c) theatre
Robert Burns is a famous…………….poet.
American b) English c) Scottish
The capital of Wales is….
Cardiff b) Belfast c) Edinburgh
The Scotts celebrates their national day on the…
1st of May b) 23d of April c) 9th of May
The national game of Wales is…
football b) rugby c) baseball
The national symbol of Wales is (are) the…..
red rose b) thistle c) daffodil and the Red Dragon
The natural wonder of Wales is…..
Stonehenge b) the Snowdonia National Park c) the Highlands
The capital of Northern Ireland is….
Belfast b) Cardiff c) Edinburgh
The national symbol of Northern Ireland is the…..
clover b) thistle c) red rose
The colour that represents (представляет) Ireland is……
green b) red c) yellow
The climate in Northern Ireland is good for…
gardening b) football playing c) swimming
The national symbol of Scotland is the…..
clover b) thistle c) daffodil
The capital of Scotland is…
Brighton b) Cardiff c) Edinburgh
Ben Nevis is the ….
mountain b) industrial region c) oldest Scottish clan
The national Scottish instrument is….
the guitar b) the bagpipe c) the violin
The mysterious Loch Ness Monster is from…..
Wales b) Scotland c) Ireland
The kilt is…
a shirt b)a skirt c) a pair of trouseres
The Scottish word “loch” means (означает)…..
a lake b) a sea c) a monster
Aberdeen is the biggest …..centre in Great Britain.
oil b) industrial c) cultural
William Shakespeare was burn on the ……..in 1616.
a) 1st of May b) 23d of April c) 9th of May
On the whole the climate of Great Britain is…
mild b) frosty c) tropical
The most popular sport in Britain is…
ice hockey b) baseball c) football

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