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Stag beetleSpotlight 5 Unit 5 Culture CornerГБОУ школа № 403Советкин Олег, ученик 5б классаБогданова Ирина Анатольевна, учитель английского языка A stag-beetle A stag beetle is the second largest beetle dwelling on the territory of our country In Russia this beetle inhabits in the European part of the country A stag beetle lives in oak and deciduous forests Only males have horns, a very long upper jaw The body length of males is 45-85 mm, females 25-57 mm, the sizes of beetles from different places can differ markedly from each other The beetles fight with their horns Beetles fly usually short distances, but sometimes they can fly farther than 3 km The beetles fly mainly in the daytime, and in the warm evenings and at dusk The beetles eat juice from the trunks of trees and bushes These beetles are eaten by crows, magpies, owls and many other The main reasons of the reduction of the number of stag beetles are the massive deforestation and the collection of beetles for collection

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