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The QuizThe United Kingdom «The world is a book, and those who don't travel,read only a page.» 1) England and Scotland;2) Great Britain and northern Ireland;3) England, Scotland and wales1.THE UNITED KINGDOM CONSISTS OF… 2.What is the emblem of England?daffodil; red rose;shamrock. 3.How the British flag is called?Union Jack;Big Ben;Big Jack 4.The united kingdom is …a monarchy;a republic;a constitutional monarchy 1) THE PRESIDENT;2) THE PRIME MINISTER;3) THE QUEEN5.WHO IS THE HEAD OF THE UNITED KINGDOM? 1) Prince Charles;2) Queen Elisabeth 2;3) Queen Victoria6.THE CURRENT BRITISH MONARCH IS: 7.Stonehenge is A:theatre;town;place for religious rituals TOWER HYDESQUARE OF PARLIAMENTTHE HOUSES ST. PAUL´STOWER PALACECATHEDRAL ABBEYPARK OF LONDONWESTMINSTER BRIDGELONDON TRAFALGARBUCKINGHAM BENBIG EYE8. SIGHTS OF LONDON 9.The tower of London now is a:royal palace;museum;state prison 10. WESTMINSTER ABBEY IS:1)The Royal church;2)The monastery;3)The museum 11. THE QUEEN LIVES IN:THE TOWER OF LONDON;BUCKINGHAM PALACE;WESTMINSTER ABBEY 12.WHAT PLACE OF INTEREST IS THIS? 13.What sight of London is this? 14.Chose the word that doesn’t belong to the group a) Regent's Park, Kensington Gardens, Hyde Park, MOMI;b) Westminster Abbey, the Houses of Parliament, the Thames, the Tower of London;c) museum, flat, gallery, palace; d) London Eye, Tower Bridge, Stonehenge, the Tate Gallery. 15.Christmas is celebrated in the uk on:1st of January;7th of January;25th of December 16.What is one of the Christmas traditions in the uk?The queen's dance;The queen's speech;The queen's song

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