Викторина страноведение 2

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What do you know about english- speaking countries?Quiz - game 1) The British Prime Minister lives at…1) 12 Whitehall2) 10 Downing Street3) 7 Russel Street 4) 15 Oxford Street 2) Sir Christopher Wren built… Buckingham PalaceWestminster AbbeySt. Paul’s Cathedral the Tower of London 3) How many states are there in the USA?51 states50 states and 1 independent district49 states and 1 independent district50 states 4) HOW MANY STARS are ON THE AUSTRALIAN’S FLAG?1) 4 2) 5 3) 64) 7 5) HOW MANY STARS are ON THE NEW ZEALAND’S FLAG?1) 32) 4 3) 54) 6 6) Place the Britain’s cities in order to reducing their population.1) Liverpool2) London 3) Manchester4) Birmingham 7) What city is Nelson’s colomn situated in ?1) London2) Cambridge3) Edinburgh4) Birmingham 8) What nickname was given to the state of Hawaii?Sugar stateCoyote statePineapple stateDiamond state 9) What is the capital of Australia? SidneyCanberraMelbournAdelaide 10) Who wasn’t the member of famous “The beatles”?1) Paul McCartney2) John Lennon3) Phil Collins4) Ringo Starr 11) British taxi-cars are usually coloured in…red 3) yellowblack 4) white 12) The national symbol of northern ireland Is…1) shamrock2) red rose3) thistle4) daffodil 13) The national symbol of wales Is…1) shamrock2) red rose3) thistle4) daffodil 14) Royal person, who was married last yearCharles 3) HarryWilliam 4) James 15) What celtic word gave the name to the river thames?1) deep2) fast3) dark4) black

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