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QUIZ “Welcome to English-speaking countries” What sports was invented by the Canadian? A. BaseballB. BasketballС. SoccerD. Tennis What is the capital of Canada? A. Toronto B. Ottawa C. Ontario D. Montreal Which holiday is celebrated on the 4th Thursday of November? A. Halloween B. Independence Day C.Thanksgiving dayD. Marmot’s Day The President of the USA lives in ________. A. A White house Road B. Pennsylvania Avenue C. Texas Street D. Washington Square What monument is called “The Pencil” in Washington? A. Lincoln Memorial B. Palace of Justice C. Washington Monument In what state is Hollywood situated? New York California Washington Florida Which is the largest city in Australia? Sydney Canberra Brisbane Melbourne Which is the capital of Australia? Canberra Perth Sydney Melbourne What were boomerangs originally used for? for playing games for hunting for ceremonies for sending messages to other tribes Great Britain is __________ England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland England, Scotland and Wales England and Scotland England only Sir Christopher Wren built Westminster AbbeySt. Paul’s CathedralTowerBuckingham Palace The British flag is called the __________. Queen's flag King's flag National banner Union Jack What is the capital of Wales? Cardiff London Edinburgh Belfast It was a fortress, a palace, a prison and the King’s Zoo, it is a museum now. Westminster Abbey Buckingham Palace Tower The Houses of Parliament Where does the ceremony of the Keys take place? In the Tower of London At Buckingham Palace In Trafalgar Square What are the two official languages in New Zealand? English and French English and Maori English and German What is the capital of New Zealand? Wellington Dunedin Auckland

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