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7 th Form “The Star Hour”
Teacher: Glad to meet you, dear boys and girls, guests and teachers! Today we are having a competition « What do you know about English – speaking countries?». Now the participants will introduce themselves. Please, you are welcome!
( участники говорят о себе, представляют название команды, девиз, могут прочитать стих, спеть песню и т.д.)
The 1 st game. Further, further ,further. The next one.Now we have the 1st competition. Участники команд по очереди ответят на вопросы. Если вы не знаете ответа на вопросы, то можете сказать The next one и вам будет задан следующий вопрос. Are you ready to start?
Questions for the 1st team:
What is the official name of Britain?
What is the capital of Scotland?
What is the symbol of Wales?
What birds live in the Tower of London?
Where was Charlie Chaplin born?
Who heads the government of GB?
Which House of the British Parliament is elected by the people?
When do British people celebrate Christmas?
What river is the British capital situated?
What were the Beatles?
Questions for the 2 nd team:
Where is the UK situated?
What is the capital of Wales? (Cardiff)
What is the symbol of England?
Where is Big Ben situated?
Who played the role of Scarlet in the GONE WITH THE WIND?
Who is the Prime Minister of GB?
What period are the members of the House of Commons elected for?
What is the Traditional Christmas meal in GB?
What are the most famous royal parks?
What is the Head of the state in GB? ( queen)
The 2 nd game. Riddles.What can run but never walks
Has a mouth but never talks
Has a bed but never sleeps
Has a head but never weeps? ( A river)
Tear one off and scratch my head
What once was red is black instead. ( A match)
If you have it,
You want to share it.
If you share it ,You don’ t have it.
What is it? ( a secret)
I am sometimes strong
And sometimes week,
But I am nobody’s fool.
For there is no language that I can’ t speak,
Though I never went to school. ( An echo )
The 3 rd game « The sights of London”.
Name as many sights of London as you can. Don't repeat the sight of another team.
The 4 th game “What do you know about?”
You may choose questions from these sections:
This holiday is celebrated on the 14 th of February as a day of Love and Friendship.
People buy presents and cards and send them to their friends and relatives. People put their presents into stockings. The traditional meal is roast turkey and pudding. They also decorate streets, trees and rooms.
Children usually eat chocolate eggs and Cross Buns on this Day.
Children make lanterns out of pumpkins, dress as witches and ghosts and go from house to house and say «Trick or Treat»!
He took care of animals, because he loved them very much. Many different animals lived in his house.
She looked after children. The wind had brought her over. She usually had a bag and an umbrella in her hands. In her bag she had an armchair, a piano and a magic bottle.
He was a boy, who didn’t grow. He could fly as a bird. ( Peter Pan)
He was a sailor. One day there was a storm in the sea and the ship was wrecked. He swam to an island. He lived on the island alone for a long time and he had a friend called Friday. ( R. Crusoe)

Какой из этих глаголов нужен для перевода с русского языка на английский следующих предложений:
Не могли бы вы передать мне соль?
Можно мне задать вам вопрос?
Я умею кататься на роликах.
Улицу следует переходить на зеленый свет.
О какой комнате говорится в следующих предложениях?
In this room there is a table, chairs and armchairs, a sofa, a fireplace, a television and a carpet.
In this room there is a table, a mirror, a chest of drawers and beds. We sleep here.
In this room there is a desk, chairs, shelves of books, a computer. You may do your homework there.
In this room you may wash your hands and face, clean your teeth, take a bath or a shower.
The 5 th game. Countries and nationalities. ( по очереди берут карточки с названиями стран и называют национальность и наоборот).
Northern Ireland Chinese
GB Japanese
Wales Canadian
England Scottish
Russia Portuguese
America a New Zealander
Australia Spanish
Italy Mexican
The 6 th game “Taking an interview” . Ask and answer questions of another team about you, your family, school, school subjects.
The 7 th game “ The comb” (each team fills the comb with the words beginning with letters. За правильно написанное слово – 1 балл, за слово из 5 и более букв – 2 балла)a l p h a b e t
Подведение итогов.
Награждение команд.

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