Викторина-англоязычные страны

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The Quiz English-speaking countries How many states are in the USA ? 48 2) 50 3) 51 4) 52 Where is the statue of Liberty? In The UK 2. In THE USA 3. In France Who was the first president of the US? George Washington Avraam Lincoln John Kennedy Which country bouders with the USA in the south? Canada 2. Mexico 3. Russia When is Snt Valentine’s Day celebrated? 1. In June 2. In December 3. In February When is Christmas celebratedin the UK and the USA? On the 25th of January 2. On the 25th of December 3. On the 31st of December What is the symbol of England? 2. eargle 1. rose 3. clover Which of the cities are in the UK? London New York Oxford Toronto What are the official languages of Canada? English and Spanish English and French English and Irish The national symbol of Canada is 1. eagle 3. rose 2. maple leaf

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