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Which of the Beatle was known as the Smart One? George Paul Ringo John Which of the Beatle was known as the Cute One? George Paul Ringo John Which of the Beatle was known as the Funny One? George Paul Ringo John Which of the Beatle was known as the Quiet One? George Paul Ringo John Guess the song Girl Bad Boy Come Together In the movie “Help!” what kind of soda does Paul get spilled all over him during his Exciting Adventure on the Floor?Cream sodaOrange sodaRoot beerGrape soda What is the only song John recorded entirely by himself during his time in the Beatles? Mother In my life Julia Girl When Ringo temporarily quit the band during the recording of The White Album, who drummed in his place? Paul Pete Best Charlie Watts Phil Collins What is the only song with a female lead vocal solo in it (provided by Yoko Ono)?Revolution 9The Continuing Story of Bungalow BillWild Honey PieI’m so tired What was the first Beatles song, used in a commercial?TaxmanIf you’ve got troubleWorld without loveRevolution 9 Hello Goodbye I`m the Walrus Drive my car Guess the song Which Beatles song holds the record for the most versions recorded by different artists? Hey Jude Revolution 9 Yesterday Let it be Who gave the Beatles their name? George Harrison Pete Best John Lennon Paul McCartney When did the Beatles get their name? April 1963 March 1960 May 1961 April 1960 Which was the last album recorded by the Beatles?Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club BandLet it beAbbey RoadThe White Album Which Beatles song did Frank Sinatra describe as the greatest love song ever written?Norwegian WoodSomethingWhy don’t we do it in the roadYesterday Guess the song Back in the USSR Come Together Hey Jude Which song starts with “When I find myself in times of trouble…”?If I fellYesterdayLet it beThe long and Winding road Which pair of the Beatles first played together in a band? Paul and George Ringo and George John and Paul John and George Which song starts with “I think I’m gonna be sad…”?HelpYou’ve got to hide your loveI’ve just seen a faceTicket to ride Who was the youngest Beatle? George Paul Ringo John Who was the oldest Beatle? George Paul Ringo John Guess the song Eleanor Rigby Don`t let me down And I love her Which song starts with “There are places I remember…”?In my lifeIf I fellGirlNorwegian Wood Which song starts with “Well she was just 17…”?It won’t be longPlease, please meThere’s a placeI saw her standing there Which song starts with “Try to see it my way…”?Hello GoodbyePaper back writerWe can work it outGood day Sunshine Which song starts with “In the town where I was born….”?Hey JudeIn my lifeYellow submarinePenny Lane Guess the song Happy B-day I feel fine Girl What do songs “Drive my car” “Come together” “Back in the USSR” and “Taxman” have in common?They were written by GeorgeThey were №1 singlesThey were recorded in one takeThey are the first songs of 4 albums The working title of “Yesterday” was:All my troublesMelancholy LovesongScrambled eggsWhy’d she have to go Which Beatle is barefoot on the Abbey Road cover? George Paul Ringo John What was the first song that the Beatles performed live for an audience in America? "I Want to Hold Your Hand" "All My Loving" "Help!" "Can't Buy Me Love" Who sent a congratulatory telegram to the Beatles before that first performance? President Lyndon Baines Johnson Queen Elizabeth II Bob Dylan Elvis Presley Guess the song Twist and Shout Oh! Darling Can`t buy me love Which Beatle has been knighted by the Queen of England for his services to music? George Harrison Paul McCartney Ringo Starr John Lennon Who wrote most of the Beatles songs? John Lennon Paul McCartney Ringo Starr George Harrison John Lennon/Paul McCartney Which song did The Beatles give to The Rolling Stones? I wanna hold your hand Hey Jude I Wanna Be Your Man Yellow Submarine Can't Buy Me Love Which Beatle was talented most in art? George Paul Ringo John Guess the song She loves you Michelle Penny Lane On the cover of "Abbey Road", what order are the Beatles walking in from left to right? George, Ringo, Paul, John George, Paul, Ringo, John Ringo, Paul, George, John Ringo, George, Paul, John Which member of The Beatles was the last to join the band? George Paul Ringo John How many songs did the band produce? 152 215 251 512 The Beatles were the first rock band to incorporate the Indian sitar into their music. Which song was the first to feature a sitar?“Norwegian Wood”“Love to Love You”“Tomorrow Never Knows”“Across the Universe” When did The Beatles break up? 1969 1970 1971 1972 Guess the song Julia Marta Michelle The Beatles had 21 No. 1 hits in America, and 17 in Great Britain. Which of the following climbed to the top of both charts?“Love Me Do”“Eleanor Rigby”“Hey Jude”“Eight Days a Week”

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