Викторина для самых умных.
Для учащихся 7-х классов по УМК М.З. Бибиолетовой)Целью данной методической разработки является систематизация знаний по пройденной теме, также возможность одновременно оценить большее количество учащихся.
What do you know about Great Britain?
1. What is the official language in Great Britain?
a) English b) French c) Russian d) Chinese
2. Big Ben is …
a) a clock b) a horse c) an animal in the zoo d) a famous name
3. Great Britain is divided into …
a) five parts b) three parts c) four parts d) two parts
4. What is a Piccadilly Circus?
a) a circus b) a square c) a street d) a house
5. What is the Tower of London now?
a) a prison b) a museum c) a house d) a fortress
6. The name of the Palace where the Queen lives is …
a) the Tower of London b) the White House c) the Windsor palace d) the Buckingham Palace
7. The capital of Great Britain is …
a) Manchester b) Liverpool c) London d) Cardiff
8. What can you see in Trafalgar square?
a) Nelson statue b) King memorial c) Queen memorial d) Michael Gorbachev memorial
9. The legend says that without them the Tower will fall. They are …
a) the pigeons b) the cats c) the squirrels d) the ravens
10. When can you see the flag over the Queen's Palace?
a) When she is out b) When she is abroad c) When she has a party
d) When she is at home
11. England is in …
a) Europe b) Africa c) America d) Asia
12. The Raven Master is the person who …
a) is the main raven b) kills the ravens c) feeds the ravens
13. The name of the river in London is …
a) The Severn b) The Thames c) The Avon d) The Clyde
14. Westminster Abbey is …
a) the chapel b) the monastery c)the inn d) the famous Royal Church
15. London is more than …
a) one thousand years old b) two thousand years old
c) three thousand years old d) four thousand years old
16. Who is the head of England?
a) the Queen b) the Tzar c) the Prime Minister d) the President
17. Where are the tombs of many British kings and queens and other famous people?
a) In the Tower of London b) On the Cemetery c) On the river bank
d) In Westminster Abbey
18. In what country do men wear skirts?
a) France b) England c) Scotland d) Norway
19. You can get from Russia to England by …
a) bicycle b) airplane c) car d) foot
20. The British Parliament is in …
a) the Buckingham Palace b) the Houses of Parliament
c) Baker Street d) Westminster Abbey
What do you know about English speaking countries?
The USA has the … largest population in the world.
First b) third c) fifth d) seventh
The official emblem of Canada is …
The maple leaf b) the white bear c) the Christmas Tree d) the sunflower
This country looks like Italy upside down.
The USA b) New Zealand c) Australia d) Canada
This famous city is the financial and cultural centre of the USA.
Washington b) Chicago c) New York d) Boston
The English language spoken in the USA is called?
British English b) the USA English c) American English d) Kiwi English
Canada shares with the USA …
The Hockey league b) seven of the world’s largest lakes c) The English language d) the world’s three largest rivers
The capital of Canada is …
Washington b) London c) New York d) Ottawa
The capital of the USA is …
Washington b) London c) New York d) Ottawa
English spoken in New Zealand is called?
British English b) the USA English c) American English d) Kiwi English
Sometimes Australia is called …
The Lucky Country b) the White continent c) the Sad Country d) a Small Country
New Zealand is sometimes called?
“Oz” b) the world’s biggest farm c) the world’s biggest financial center d) a Green Continent
Now the president of the USA is…
George Bush b) Vladimir Putin c) Hilary Clinton d) Barak Obama
How many official languages are there in Canada?
One b) two c) three d) four
Australia is also the world’s …
Smallest Country b) smallest Continent c) biggest Farm d) biggest City
The official language in the USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia is…
French b) Russian c) American English d) English

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