Викторинадокумент мицрософт оффице wорд 2

The UK (1 variant)
England a) Cardiff
Wales b) London
Scotland c) Belfast
Northern Ireland d) Edinburgh
Britain’s population is more than…… million people.
66 2)56 3)46 4)65
Who built the White Tower?
1)William the Conqueror 2)William the Conquer
3)William the Congueror 3)William the ConguerWhat did The Tower of London use to be?
1) a prison, a castle
2)a fortress, a prison
3)a castle, a palace
How many crosses does the Union Jack have?
1)two 2)three 3)four
Who makes laws in the UK?
1)the Queen 2) the Prime Minister
3)The House of Lords 4) the House of Commons
Where can we find the Poets’ Corner?
1)in St.Paul’s Cathedral 2) in Westminster Abbey
3)in Hide Park 4) in Trafalgar Square
The geographical center of London is
Piccadilly Circus 2)Trafalgar Square
3)Parliament Square 4)Charing Cross
Westminster is a …center of London.
1) political 2)cultural 3)industrial 4)business
The members of the House of Lords are elected every 2 years.
The members of the House of Lords are not elected.
The members of the House of Lords are permanent.
The UK (2 variant)
William the Conqueror came to England in…
1)1166 2)1066 3)1666 4)1266
The original name of the British capital was…
1)Londoner 2)Londinum 3)Londinium 4)LandinumThere are many farmlands in Britain, especially in the…1)north 2)south 3)east 4)west
Who does the power in the country belong to?
1)the Queen 2) the Prime Minister
3)The House of Lords and the House of Commons
4)The Parliament and the Government
How long did the Great Fire last?
1)for 5 days 2)for 4 days 3)for 6 days 4)for a week
VI. Now The Tower of London is…
A palace 2) a castle 3) a tourists’ attraction 4)a prison
VII.MatchThe cross of St.Andrew a) England
The cross of St.George b) Ireland
The cross of St.Patrick c)Scotland
VIII.True \False
1)The Queen of Great Britain is also the Queen of Canada.
2)Britain and the former colonies founded the Commonwealth.
3)The Commonwealth included Ireland, New Zealand and others
IX. People can hear the sound of Big Ben every …1)quarter of an hour 2)2 hours 3)3 times a day 4) hour
Whitehall is….
1) A palace 2) a street 3) a hall 4)a prison

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