Викторины для 10-11 классов

QUIZ for 10-11th forms
The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
1. Put the countries in the order according to their territory, from the smallest to the biggest.
a) Scotland b) Wales c) England d) Northern Ireland
2. Match the country and its capital.
1) England a) Cardiff
2) Scotland b) Edinburgh
3) Wales c) London
4) Northern Ireland d) Belfast
3. Match the country and its symbol.
1) England a) a shamrock
2) Scotland b) a daffodil
3) Wales c) a rose
4) Northern Ireland d) a thistle
4. Which country has the biggest population?
a) England b) Wales c) N. Ireland d) Scotland
5. Where is the home of the British queen?
a) The Tower of London b) Westminster Abbey c) Buckingham Palace
6. What is the national musical instrument in Scotland?
a) the violin b) the bagpipes c) the guitar
7. Where is the lake Loch Ness situated?
a) Scotland b) England c) Wales
8. What is Eisteddfod?
a) a musicians’ and writers’ competition
b) a sports competition
c) a culinary competition
9. Say where in York you can:
1) see the famous colored glass windows
2) find out (узнать) about the history of York
3) see Viking ice-skates
4) find out about the trains of the future
5) go on a ghost walk at night
a) the York city walls b) York Cathedral c) the National Railway Museum d) the Jorvik Viking Centre e) Clifford’s Tower f) Yorkshire Museum
10. Say where in Bath you can:
1) see the first stamp in the world
2) buy a book on the history of fashion
3) enjoy tea with a famous bun
4) go on a river trip
5) drink water from the spring
a) the Roman Baths b) Sally Lunn’s House c) the Bath Boating Station d) the Museum of Costume e) Bath Postal Museum f) Victoria Park
11. Say true or false.
1)350 million people speak English worldwide.
2) Big Ben is the name of the big bell in the clock tower of the Houses of Parliament.
3) There is a museum about Sherlock Holmes in York.
4) 5 million people live in Scotland.
5) Belfast in Northern Ireland is the oldest capital in the world.
6) Queen Elizabeth II’s son, Charles, is Prince of Scotland.

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